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Rewind with Kip Winger vocalist/bassist of Winger!

Rewind with Kip Winger vocalist/bassist of Winger!




Even though these interviews are not the regular feature they used to be, today we are proud to present a long-overdue Metal Sludge Rewind with Kip Winger!
You first generation Sludgeaholics might recall our original 20 Questions with Kip from November 27, 2001. That’s right, 7 years ago! Don’t worry if you can’t remember it, the interview really wasn’t much to write home about. Kip just sort of half-assed his way through it and he came across as kind of a grouch. It was so lame that the Sludgeaholics voted his interview Worst 20 Questions of 2001 in our annual Sludgeaholic Choice Awards, beating out such worthy contenders as Dan Spitz of Anthrax and Anthony Focx of Beautiful Creatures. Kip also won big with "The Very Best of Winger" being voted Worst Compilation Album of the Year. Come to think of it, this might explain why the man has been avoiding us for the better part of a decade.
In the years since our original interview with Kip, Winger has actually returned to the scene and begun making music again. They reunited for Poison’s annual summer trek in 2002 and even put out a new studio album ("Winger IV") in late 2006, touring in support of it until earlier this year. In between, Kip has been doing solo shows, performing with other artists and he just released a new solo album. Naturally, that leaves a lot of ground to cover in a follow-up interview so we sent out everybody’s favorite fruit C.C. Banana to see if he could make it happen.
As luck would have it, Kip was scheduled to appear at the semi-annual Chiller Theatre Expo in NJ, alongside such other rock luminaries as Lita Ford, Jay Jay French, Ace Frehley and even Johnny Bravo himself, Greg Brady (a.k.a. actor Barry Williams). In addition to signing autographs and meeting fans that weekend, Kip and Barry each took turns rocking the crowd (even though neither busted out a live rendition "Sunshine Day"). In one of the expo’s oddest pop culture crossovers, Barry walked up to Kip’s table to shake his hand, congratulated him on a great performance and even claimed to be a fan! That’s almost like Davy Jones complimenting Lemmy on the latest Motorhead album!
Anyway, here’s C.C. Banana to tell us how his interview with Kip came to pass (or almost didn’t, as the case may be).
Check it out, Sludge!
I’m honored to bring you the following interview with one of my all-time favorite rockers, Kip Winger! I’d previously encountered Kip and company during Poison’s Hollyweird Tour, at which time I was fortunate enough to shoot a few impromptu interrogations with the band. Those segments ultimately appeared in my "BACKSTAGE BANANA" home video, samples of which are included below. Kip is always so cool and low-key in conversation that I can’t help but feel like a hyperactive 7-year-old whenever I talk to him. Nevertheless, ever since then I’ve been hoping to conduct a more formal interview with the esteemed head of the Winger clan.


C.C. Banana and Kip Winger meet on the Hollyweird Tour in 2002!

To read the rewind click >HERE< now and enjoy!

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