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20 Questions w/ Black n’ Blue drummer Pete Holmes.

20 Questions w/ Black n’ Blue drummer Pete Holmes.


Black n’ Blue the classic line up early 80s left to right.

Tommy Thayer, Pete Holmes, Jaime St. James, Patrick Young, Jeff "Woop" Warner.

Well here we go folks, yet another new 20 Questions. That’s 2 in a month. Merry Christmas.

This weeks victim is Black n’ Blue drummer Pete Holmes. No relation to John that we know of. But we heard Pete does carry a big stick when it comes to hitting the drums hard. Pete’s also played with MSG, Mandy Lion (WWIII), Malice and a few other projects as well. Enjoy.

1. Tell us about you, Black n’ Blue, and what’s news going forward into 2009?

Well,my name is Pete Holmes,I’m the one and only original drummer for BNB.For the past ten years I’v been doing alot of studio work,everything from TV commercials to demos with Ian Gillian.I was also out on the road in Europe with The Micheal Schenker Group for four years and I’m finishing up a couple of records that will be out next year with some great new act’s.

BNB started playing shows earlier this year and they’ve been going well,so the plan is to go forward and hit it as hard as possible in ’09..

2. The band has made a comeback in recent years with some shows. How was Rocklahoma and this last years’ festival dates for you and the band?

Rockalhoma was great! with the exception the a tornado that blew through mid-day and scared the shit out of everyone but the locals,it was great.

The band played and has been playing well and it’s like old times for us in some ways.We played "Rock The Bayou" in Houston and it was so that it about choked us all because of the heat,my god!,but we’ve all been having fun and kicking ass…


Jaime in the whack ass jump suit.

3. The majority of the bands material had a much harder edge yet the singles “Miss Mystery” and “I’ll be there for you” showcased the pop side. Even though the band as a whole was more compatible to Dokken, (early) Great White or Motley Crue, it seemed like Geffen was trying to push the band to be perceived as a little more pop.  Do you think those singles, and Jaime’s ridiculous spandex rainbow colored jump suit hurt the band’s image to the Heavy Metal male audience?

Well,the guys doing most of the writing were Jamie and Tommy,and they really just wrote what was in there heads at that space and time.What would have been bad would have been to try and write some cheesy rock song and look like real dumb shits.Geffen on the other hand was always trying to get to do shit that we did’nt want to do,mostly because it was’nt who we were.We would tell them that"thats not BNB music!"or"We need to have this on the album!" but they where running the show and NOTHING went out until it 100% to there liking,not always are’s..Oh and Jamies jumpsuit,prefect,we hope it bothered people.

4. Going back to the Sunset Strip club days. You guys were their early, and got a deal with Geffen who gave the band a solid 4 albums. What other than the pop songs, or Jaimes whack jump suit may have been the reason for the lack of next level success for Black n’ Blue?

Like I said,Geffen was pulling us in so many directions that if it was hard for us to know what was going on,the fans most have been more confused then ever,but if you remained a fan,didnt jump ship,you knew the band was good and we proved it to you…


Pete Holmes from Black n’ Blue does Rate a drummer 1-10 next!

5. Rate a drummer 1-10. You surely know how this works, a 1 sucks more dick than Jenna Jameson did in porn, and a 10 is like the almighty Neil Peart.

First off,none of these guy’s suck,but I’ll put it in order as to who I listen to,1 the lowest and up:

Fred Coury =5

Tommy Lee =

Steven Adler =

Rikki Rockett =

Steven Sweet =

Vinne Paul =

Bobby Blotzer =

Vic foxx =

Eric singer =

Steve Riley =

6. Ok, let’s get into some dirt. What the fuck were you thinking when you use to wear a diaper on stage?

Love the diaper,I did it for laughs it got the band rolling and if I can get a laugh out of you(or a dare) I’ll do it.Gene Simmons would cry when i put that fuck’in thing on..Only probably did it twice,just so happens it made the back of an album cover..


Pete far left w/ Black n’ Blue and the God of Thunder Gene Simmons

7. Tell us the 3 most stupid things you heard Gene Simmons tell the band while you were recording with him?

To be honest,i dont so much remember that kind of stuff,but I do know that if he had an idea that we did’nt like or if he wanted change something that we DID like,we said NO!,no way ! the way it’s writin’ is much better then what you are asking us to change it to so we wont.I dont care who it is,you know what you like and what is best for your band,stick to your guns,be a fuck’in man!!!!!

8. Speaking of KISS and stupidity. Here’s a scenario for you: Tommy Thayer calls you up tomorrow and says Eric Singer has fallen ill and KISS needs you to play drums. However you have to wear the Peter Criss make-up, chop your hair and dye it grey like an old man, and play with no power leaving 80% of your skill in the dressing room. Do you do it?

Yes! I do it in a heart beat!Because I will play with power and skill thats how I play so thats what you get! As for the hair,mine grows back!,and the pay check would be sweet!!!!

9. You formed a band called MONSTER after BnB with some former MALICE members. What became of MONSTER, and why didn’t it go further?Monster was I great rock band.We released one record and then the company went out of business.The music is hard rock and the songs are killer!It was produced by Max Norman and Pat Regan so it kicks.We hope to get it re-released this coming year.


Pete Holmes in Malice

10. In 2006 you then joined a reformed version of MALICE. What became of that, and will there be any future for this line up?

We are going to try and plat some show’s yes,Rocklahoma wants us to play so that’s being worked out.I’m not an original member so thats not up to me but we will play,have some new music out and other stuff…..


Drinks, Deli Tray meats and Sun Glasses.

11. Well you’re no stranger to band members running off with other groups. Tommy joined KISS and we all know Jaime filled the Jani Lane shoes in Warrant for several years. If you had the chance to run off and join any of these bands, would you do it yes or no and why or why not?

Van Halen =

LA Guns =

Slaughter =

Helix =

Skid Row =

Trixter =

Ratt =

Faster Pussycat =

Keel =

Pretty Boy Floyd =

Well,out of all those bands,to answer your question I’d have to say Van Halen,cause there the biggest on that list,I’m sure they would play the big halls and pay well and thats the only reason…..


Black n’ Blue 2008

12. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your musical career to date?

The three high’s were,getting our record deal with BNB,playing Madison Square Garden sold out two nights,and touring with legend Micheal Schenker.

The low’s,not watching BNB get what we deserved,wondering if I could still make a living playing,losing record deals….

13. Kill, Fuck, Marry. You kill one, fuck one, and marry the other. (Tila Tequila, Sarah Palin, Sharon Osbourne)

Tila Tequila:Kill her – Sarah Palin:Fuck her – Sharon:Marry

14. A bio at WAPEDIA says this about you: “Pete Holmes is currently playing with Malice and Mandy Lion’s WWIII. He was formerly playing with Michael Schenker, Peter Gabriel and Ted Nugent.” Our questions is simple, who was a bigger pain in the ass to deal with Ted, Peter, Michael, Mandy, or Jaime St. James & why?

Well,your putting me on the spot,and you fuck’in know it….As much as I love the guy Micheal can be the sweetest guy or go completely insane ,he knows it and is working on that.Never a pain he’d just piss you off sometimes….


15. Word Association:

Gene Simmons =
Cheesy genius

Axl Rose =
Who Cares

Tommy Thayer =

Don Dokken =

Bret Michaels =

Mick Zane =
Best friends

Michael Wagener =
One of the best

Jeff "Woop" Warner =
Dick ( just kidding asshole)

Ted Nugent =
Not sure

John Holmes =

16. Of all the bands Black n’ Blue toured with over the years, who was the coolest, and who were the biggest dicks ever?

Kiss was definitely the coolest,they gave us everything we wanted.They would even sound check around our gear,playing one of our songs!!!!!!I dont remember who was the worst,but there some and to them  FUCK YOU!!!

17. If you could put any Black n’ Blue song in the “this song sucks vault” for life, never to be heard again what track would it be and why?

"Be There For You",it’s not my thing we didnt want it on the record anyway,thanks Geffen….

18. If you could smack any rock musician in the mouth UFC style who would it be and why?

I’ll know that when I see him……

19. What was your biggest ever music related check from Black n’ Blue and what did you buy with it?

It was hugh to me ,6 figures,……I drank it………


20. The last for Pete Holmes…

Last time you wore a diaper = Twenty minutes ago

Last famous person you shook hands with = Kenny Aronoff

Last bowl of cereal you ate = Total Rasin Bran

Last concert you watched from the audience = Wacken Festival Germany

Last time you heard a BnB song on the radio = two weeks ago

Last time you cried = Mom was in hospital

Last time you felt the need to do a safety wipe = always

Last time you got drunk = last night

Last time you cracked your knuckle open on the snare rim = Malice live show

Last time you visited Metal Sludge =  two days ago

I want to make sure that if your in Seattle on the 19th of Dec. or Portland Or. on the 20th,come see BNB live,we will kick your ass!!!!!  Thanks Sludge

You hear that folks, Black n’ Blue is playing 2 shows this week in Portland & Seattle. Go check it out. Visit the bands myspace >HERE< for more information.

We’d like to thank Pete for hanging with our 5th grade questions.

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