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KISS bassist Gene Simmons talks about killing drug dealers.

KISS bassist Gene Simmons talks about killing drug dealers.


Gene Simmons and his family.


The Edmonton Sun recently ran an article on the Demon. The KISS bassist talked at length about what he would do if he was in charge.

Never at a loss for words Gene Simmons let loose during the recent interview. He talks about executing drug dealers, having snipers kill gang members on the street and killing people if they break in your house.

Gene Simmons, ever the promotional multitasker. Paid and flown in to E-town to cut the ribbon on a new Future Shop while simultaneously promoting his new Guitar Hero axe, he’s also in the city to scout new talent for his record label.

Simmons sees himself as an early prospector of our country’s untapped, future musical gold mine, internationally.

Working with Universal, he wants to find bands who posses both that undefinable "it" but also the egoless willingness to let an experienced rocker like him call not just some, but all the important shots.


In a sit-down interview at the Hotel Mac Friday, he reminisced, threw a proposal to take over the NHL’s marketing on the table and confirmed a number of basics. KISS will be touring again this summer and back in Edmonton as soon possible – one of their very first gigs as a band was at the U of A, after all.

Repeatedly referring to himself as someone who sees the big picture, I asked him what he would do if he was president of the United States.

With some shocking and fascinating ideas, the bass legend with the giant tongue did the rest of the talking.

"You couldn’t pay me enough. Because a lot of people would try to knock me off. Because I don’t give a s—. I have a Schwarzeneggerian point of view. Which is if you have enough money to say, to do … what you think is right that you’re elected for, there are no political repercussions and you don’t care. Not about your party, not about anything.

"So Schwarzenegger disagrees with the Republicans down there and wants women to have the right to determine their birthing rights – and the Republicans down there go nuts.

"I (also) like guys like Joe Lieberman, a Democrat who supported John McCain. Because, ‘My country, right or wrong,’ is actually a foolish idea. No, my country right, and if it’s wrong I gotta try and fix it. If your political party’s wrong, you’ve got to have the integrity of self.

"So if I became president, if you deal drugs, I’d have public executions on the spot. Watch how fast drug use goes down. And [points to our photographer] if he’s a drug addict, into cocaine and stuff like that, and he’s been given (an ultimatum) and you’re not off of it, you will find your (butt) in the tundra of Alaska chopping wood.

"Because you’re not allowed to be in this society and torture everybody else, by stealing money from your mom (for example), because nobody has the guts in this permissive society to get the cancer out.

"And some of that means that individual rights have to be curtailed. Too (expletive) bad. Because nowadays, everybody locks their doors because they’re afraid that, you know, crack addicts will come in and you can’t even kill the guy. ‘Excessive violence.’ What are you talking about? The guy just broke into your home! Kill him!


"So, you don’t want to put me in charge. Drug problem? It would disappear. Gangs? I’d have snipers. Ooh, take them out, fast. You won’t have gangs for long. [Affects street swagger]: ‘Man, we like to go shoot!’ [Back to Simmons]: You’ll be dead. You won’t know who got you."

Simmons widens his scope.

"The problems of the U.S. are the problems of the world because the economic structure is tied in. It used to be based on the gold standard, but don’t kid yourself, they’re all looking to America, even China. China’s got more cash on hand, less debt. But it depends on America, the biggest consumer.

"Barack Obama – I voted for him. I was going to vote for McCain because I don’t believe in Mr. Obama’s foreign policy.

"Pure fantasy would be, let’s pull all the troops and al-Qaeda wakes up and says" – Simmons momentarily pulls off sunglasses for effect – "’Great, we’re going to become civilized now! We’re not going to strap bombs on our kids and try to blow you up. With nuclear weapons if we can do it.’"

The sunglasses go back on.

"Pure fantasy. That war’s going to continue in that part of the world, and Somalia, maybe other parts of the world, for 100 years. And it’s worth fighting it. Because it’s better to fight a non-nuclear war than a nuclear one. Don’t kid yourself.

"And so Mr. Obama has got a two-pronged problem. One, he’s the president that’s the most socialist and concerned with the welfare of the people. Two, everybody’s got to tighten their belts. That means everybody."

Simmons holds up his right hand for effect.

"The working people, who get up everyday, are going to have to live with less. Which is why I believe in a flat tax. It’s been proven that a flat tax of about 20% balances the budget in about two years.

"So, I believe in a benevolent dictatorship with Gene Simmons as the dictator. I told you I wouldn’t pussyfoot around – that’s what I believe in. Give me six months, give me a year. And in that time, dictatorial power – you get it anyway in time of war, and I think you’ve got war going on. Foreign wars and economic wars.

"But you’ve got to pay me a lot of money. Cause if I’m going to save you, I’m gonna get paid.

"You guys are good. I never talk about politics."

Huh? For real?

Our question to Gene is this.

What if your son got "mixed up with the wrong group of kids" and one night he’s riding with some friends and they sell $ 30.00 of pot to another group of kids? And the cops show up bust them, and put some bullets in your kids brain. Then what?

Gene not to be dicks here, but 18 year old kids are stupid. And so are young men and woman into their early adult life. Some run with  the wrong crowd (gangs) and some deal drugs. They make mistakes. Some get straight and go onto lead very productive lives. Agree?

Do you think a young person selling drugs is deserved of an execution style death while the public watches? Or a group of kids on the corner (perceived as a gang) should be taken out by snipers?

If so, you’re a bigger ass and full of more shit than all of us ever dreamed.

To see the article visit the Edmonton Sun >HERE<

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