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Sludge’s guess the horse hair or rock star hair?

Guess which is the horse hair and which is the rock star hair?

horse_hair2_.jpg Guess_whose_Hair.jpg

# 1     or     # 2

Ok. Kids, time to play guess which pic is the horse hair.

We’ve used our crop feature on the Metal Sludge editor to pull out a little section of each photo.One of these photos above is a picture of a horse’s mane. The other is a picture of a certain rock stars hair. Both seem to look a little dry, blond but have a nice blow dry wave to it.

Now take a second and guess which is which, then scroll down and see for yourself.

Still thinking.

Get Ready!

brownhor2_.jpg rock_of_love2bret345.jpg

# 1 is a cute horsey and # 2 is a cute rocker.

# 1 is hung like a horse and # 2 appears to be hung like a pair of tube socks.

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