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Who wants to buy Poison’s lead singers used bed?

You wanna buy Bret Michaels bed from his MTV Cribs?


Bret Michaels is selling his bed auction style on his website.


OMG! He must be joking right? He’s selling his fucking bed frame on his website. Isn’t this guy a millionaire? You expect to see this kind of shit on eBay from someone like Jesse Camp or a member of Warrant’s road crew trying to pawn Jani Lane jackets, but Bret Michaels bed?

Anyone wondering what the World Famous Gossip Board is saying about this? We thought so, our fine Sludgeaholics are having a field day >HERE< with comments like:

Angry Jew writes:

I’ll bid twenty bucks if he hangs a wig on the bedpost. I hope this is for charity.

Silent Eyes writes:

I wouldn’t dare set foot in his bed after some of the ragin’ herpes cases he’s conquered.

Some Clown writes:

Thank God that says that the mattress isn’t included…

Stella d Ella writes:

man…he’s really desperate for money isn’t he?

Here is what is posted on Bret Michaels.com as a description of the auction.

This exclusive auction is for Bret’s personal pewter and gold colored bed frame seen in these photos. Bed linens, pillows and mattress not included. Frame has braided leaf detail and candle holders at the top of each post. Frame is king size and sides sit approximately 1 ½ feet off the floor so bed is not only large but high as well. Winning bidder pays for shipping in addition to winning bid amount. For additional information please e-mail mailroom@bretmichaels.com

What? No pillows or urine soaked sheets? WTF!

Hell, at least throw in a nite in the sack with Susie Hatton, or some left over scraps from "Rock of Love". Come on Bret, just the frame. How about if you throw in an old rug or two from a past tour? And we ain’t talking about the ones on the floor either.

To read more about the details and bid on this hunk of shit go to his site >HERE<

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