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Don Dokken has diarhea of the mouth about George Lynch/Skid Row during Sebastian Bach interview.

Don Dokken has dirhea of the mouth on George Lynch/Skid Row during S. Bach interview


Don Dokken & Sebastian Bach!


Updated: See the video >HERE< of Don Dokken & Seabstian Bach!

A recent interview was conducted by 3 Guys Pickin’ with former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach. During the interview Don Dokken walks in and takes over. Don begins to spew diarhea of the mouth about George Lynch and Baz’s old band Skid Row. Or at least that is what we are told by the following press release sent to us by their friendly Chi-Town staff.

Updated: Wed. 11-25-08

Our friends at 3GP sent us these quotes from the interview.

Talking about the new Don Dokken record:

SBach: "Is he playing (guitar on the new record), John?"

DDokken: "He’s doing all the, he’s like Lynch, but he’s better. And John ain’t an asshole."


Talking about Don hearing the current version of Skid Row:

DD: "What’s with the singer? He’s choking, and the band was sloppy. The singer was like, trying to like, (do a) bad version of Sebastian."

Ok. How exciting, guess we’ll wait for the whole thing next week.

Don Dokken interrupts Sebastian Bach interview to rip on George Lynch & Skid Row.


(Press Release)


Dec 1 & Jan 12. Episode 340: "Slave To The Pickers"


  Sebastian Bach sat down with the 3 Guys to discuss his new album, reality tv, Axl Rose, and the infamous sod fight at Alpine Valley. Live performance clips are shown. 


  In the middle of the interview, Don Dokken just walked right in & started talking to Sebastian. Baz introduced Don to the camera & Don himself looked straight into the camera, and then just went about his business like we weren’t even there.


  Don then ripped George Lynch, Skid Row, & then proceeded to give the legal history of reclaiming the name Dokken. Sebastian then gave a plug to Blabbermouth. Good stuff.

To check out the video interview soon please visit the 3 Guys Pickin’ myspace >HERE<

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