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Guns n’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” is days away!

Guns n’ Roses "Chinese Democracy" is days away!



Here is some of the latest on Axl n’ Roses….

Full stream of the new record on MySpace tonight @ 12:AM (EST)


Guns N’ Roses will be world premiering their long-awaited Chinese Democracy on their MySpace page tonight at 12AM EST. The album will be hitting Best Buy stores exclusively on November 23rd. The band leaked a new song, “Better,” earlier this week and the title track single is all over radio.

Check out Chinese Democracy in it’s entirety at www.MySpace.com/GunsNRoses at 12AM EST tonight!

ALBUM ART: http://totalassault.com/assets/?team_id=342

From Billboard.com

Grunge. Techno. Boy bands. Both President Bushes. These are just a few of the things Guns N’ Roses has improbably outlasted in the 17 (!) years since its last album of original music. Almost ever since, lone original member Axl Rose has been working on "Chinese Democracy," which reached mythic status as the album many thought would never materialize. Lo and behold, here it is (as a Best Buy exclusive, no less).

Apparently to make up for lost time, the set is frontloaded with huge-sounding, heavily produced rockers coated in an ultra-modern sheen that contrasts starkly with the stripped-down, freewheeling material of GNR’s glory days. Tracks like "Riad N’ the Bedouins" have "Appetite for Destruction" bones but exoskeletons dipped in chrome. Rose eventually backs off and lets the songs breathe, with promising results. "Scraped" is a riffy monster in the vein of "Mr. Brownstone"; "Catcher in the Rye" is pure, major-key classic rock; and "This I Love" is a grandiose ballad you can picture Rose playing with a candelabra on the piano lid.

The artist is in fine, ever-changing voice throughout, and there’s certainly a ton of musical food for thought here, requiring several listens before the nuances are revealed. Worth the wait? Maybe. Worth a few hours of your time? Definitely. — Jonathan Cohen


A review by Chuck Klosterman is right >HERE<  Some 1 liners from the review are below:

"This is why he (Axl) was so paralyzed by the construction of Chinese Democracy—he can’t write or record anything without obsessing over how it will be received, both by a) the people who think he’s an unadulterated genius, and b) the people who think he’s little more than a richer, red-haired Stephen Pearcy."

"Sometimes listening to this album feels like watching the final five minutes of the Sopranos finale. There’s no acceptable answer to these types of hypotheticals."

"I’ve maintained a decent living by making easy jokes about Axl Rose for the past 10 years, but what’s the final truth? The final truth is this: He makes the best songs. They sound the way I want songs to sound. A few of them seem idiotic at the beginning, but I love the way they end."

Grade A-

European listening parties.


Guns N’ Roses fans in and around Berlin are in for a treat Nov. 21 courtesy of the Bloodhound Gang’s Evil Jared.

The band’s notoriously rowdy bass player will host a listening party in the German capital aboard his newly overhauled Berlin Party Bus to introduce Europe to the long-awaited GNR album, Chinese Democracy.

The shindig is scheduled take place in the lot at West Coast Customs, the company responsible for retooling the bus.

Attendees will not only be the first Europeans to hear the new GNR release but will get the chance to buy the disc at the stroke of midnight

Full list of Chinese Democracy release parties in Germany:

21.11.2008 – Düsseldorf, Zakk

21.11.2008 – Göttingen, Exil

21.11.2008 – Mainz, Caveau

21.11.2008 – Berlin, Partybus @Revaler Str. 99

21.11.2008 – Hof, Rockwerk

21.11.2008 – Leverkusen, Shadow

21.11.2008 – Köln, Underground

21.11.2008 – Schrobenhausen, Lindenkeller

21.11.2008 – Saarbrücken, Kulturfabrik

21.11.2008 – Leipzig, Darkflower

21.11.2008 – Nürnberg, Nachtpalais

21.11.2008 – Magdeburg, Factory

21.11.2008 – Gelnhausen, Lorbass

21.11.2008 – Braunschweig, Merz

21.11.2008 – Asendorf, Break Out

21.11.2008 – Weiden, W2

22.11.2008 – Hamburg, Fabrik (The Rock Factory)

22.11.2008 – Rostock, Bunker

22.11.2008 – Frankfurt, Speak Easy

22.11.2008 – Zwickau, Linde Club

22.11.2008 – Coburg, Logans

22.11.2008 – Bochum, Matrix

22.11.2008 – Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik

22.11.2008 – Hannover, Labor

22.11.2008 – Herford, X

22.11.2008 – Siegen, Musikclub Meyer

22.11.2008 – Duisburg, Pulp

22.11.2008 – Ingolstadt, Cafe Durchbruch

22.11.2008 – Bonn, Nachtrock

22.11.2008 – Augsburg, Rockfabrik

27.11.2008 – Ulm, Cat Cafe

29.11.2008 – Hameln, Sumpfblume

29.11.2008 – Karlsruhe, Kulturruine

29.11.2008 – München, Rockstudio

The UK:

The album will be played between acts at the GN’R tribute band "Guns 2 Roses" concert on November 20th (8PM) at Madame JoJo’s on 8-10 Brewer Street in Soho (London W1F OSE). Tickets are £10.

Lose Your Illusion, another GN’R tribute band, will be performing on the album’s UK release date (Monday 24th November) at the Zavvi store on Oxford Street in London. The band will perform a number of sets starting at midday.


November 21st (6:00 PM – 3:00 AM)

Rockbaren (Kristinelundsgatan 14, Gothenburg)

Free admission.

Album will be premiered at 10PM.

The Netherlands:

November 21 at 12:00 – 16:00

Fame (Kalverstraat 2-4, Amsterdam)

Free admission

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