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10?s w/ Boston’s very own SINS OF AMERICA.

10?s w/ Boston’s very own SINS OF AMERICA


Sins of America. Clearly they shop at Hot Topic.


1. Who are Sins of America, who’s in the band, when did you form & what are the short and long term goals of the band?


Sins Of America were formed in Boston,USA in January 2008. My name is Rob Wylde,I’m Lead Singer and Guitarist.Chris Kelley is on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals.Evan Deane is on Bass and Backing Vocals and Shawn Vincent is on Drums and Backing Vocals. We’re on a mission to rid the world of all the dull,lifeless,boring ass bands out there and give people some good time,high energy,feel good,melodic rock n roll with killer hooks and a rockstar image to boot.Our new CD is out now which you can order directly from www. myspace. com/sinsofamerica .We’re currently kickin’ ass all over the East Coast headlining our own shows as well as opening for bands such as Faster Pussycat,L.A Guns,White Lion,Britny Fox,Bang Tango,White Lion etc. We plan on taking over soon!


2. What’s good and bad about the music scene in Boston Massachusetts?


There’s a couple of decent venues like The Middle East and Harpers Ferry but in general there seems to be a real distinct lack of strong Hard Rock bands around which makes us stand out like a sore thumb on the scene with the way we sound and look. No-ones doing what we’re doing right now,that’s for sure. In fact a name rock DJ from the radio station WAAF recently came out to see us and said he hadn’t seen a band like us in Boston for well over 10 years. We’re bringing it back baby!


Rob Wylde, no relation to Rob Zombie or anyone from WildSide. That we know of.


3. Some of you guys were in different bands or came from other projects. What have you done that the fans need to know about?


Well I also play in the band Teenage Casket Company based in Nottingham England,we’re still together.I put that band together with Jamie Delerict back in December 2003. So far we’ve released 2 albums on our own label Trashpit."Dial It Up" in 2005 (voted independant album of the year in Powerplay Magazine) and "Eat Your Heart Out" in 2006 (both available to order alongside a bunch of other merch at www. teenagecasketcompany. com) We’ve toured the USA twice including 2006’s Metal Sludge summer X-Travanza III tour alongside Vains Of Jenna,The Erotics and the mighty Stevie Rachelle from hell! We’ve also toured the UK countless times,Italy,Ireland and have toured with the likes of Vain,L.A Guns,Mitch Malloy,Robin Black,Trashlight Vision to name a few.After a relentless couple of years of non-stop rock n’ roll action and debauchery we decided to put TCC on hold for a little while to all go and persue our own individaul projects which is where we’re at right now.TCC plans on returning in 2009 with a new CD and tour but in the meantime Jamie Delerict joined the Irish punk band The Dangerfields,Laney "Bass Whore" 74 toured with everyone from The Black Mollys to The BulletBoys and beyond,Spike does his solo stuff and I got on a plane headed to Boston,USA to form Sins Of America.

As for SOA,Drummer Shawn Vincent and Guitarist Chris Kelley played the L.A club circuit for 5 years in the early 90’s in bands such as Sister Morphine,Never On Sunday and Touch Me Hooker whilst Bassist Evan Deane is an ex-member of the Boston band Biopop….


4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should be dropped from their label so you guys can take their place? 

Oh man there’s so many,but that band Tokio Hotel are getting so much attention and they only have 1 decent song.I also think Buckcherry are highly over-rated!


5. Name 3 good things about Obama being selected President and name 3 bad things?

I couldn’t give a shit,it’s not my country!….oops,probably shouldn’t have said that. To be honest I actually took quite a lot of interest leading up to the election cos whatever the U.S does,the Brits always follow! I think the right guy won in the end but time will tell I guess.


"Papa Roach were all fat ugly fuckers who hated life.

Now they all think they’re Nikki fuckin’ Sixx.



6. How have the following helped or hurt Sins of America…

Guitar Center =Well I go to Guitar Center approximately once a month to steal as many of their guitar picks as I possibly can.They always have a pick holder full of picks attached to each amp in the store,so I pretend like I’m interested in buying a new amp and fill my pockets up with those little fuckers! However I just got endorsed by InTune Guitar Picks last week so I dont think I’ll be needing to visit them quite as much from now on!

Rocklahoma = Teenage Casket Company were in the running for playing the side stage there this year but we got the rug pulled from beneath us at the last minute which was a real bitch cos I really wanted to see the return of the mighty Trixter ha ha!! (Im being serious btw!)


Rap & Country music = We’re all down with the Country shit.After all It’s just a new version of Melodic Rock and SOA is very big on Melody so we can dig. As for Rap,ugh no thanks MOFO!!


Truck Stops = For some reason people seem to find it fuckin’ hilarious to drive off in the van and leave me standing in the parking lot at 3AM in some shithole of a town like Delaware! It happened a million times on the Sludge tour and now it’s happening with these guys too! The thing is,when there’s 4 or 5 guys cramped up in a van with gear everywhere it’s actually pretty easy to forget that a certain member of the band is missing but these guys know full fuckin’ well that I’m inside taking a leak and like to screw with my head.Apparantly they love the look of panic on my face when I walk out with my new Porn mag stuffed under my arm and realise they’re gone-bastards!!


Strippers =Both Shawn and Chris were married to strippers for a while.They’re both seperated now but apparantly at the time they wanted for nothing.They’d just sit at home all day,drink beer,jerk off,jerk off some more then their girls would come home and throw em a huge stack of cash-Now that’s what I call living…..Where are they now?!


Motley Crue’s official fan club!


7. If you could tour with any 3 bands from the 80s, who would it be and why?

Motley Crue cos Shawn and Chris like to see themselves as badasses (even though Chris still lives at home with his Mum and dad!)

The all original Danger Danger cos I like to see myself as a young Steve west ha ha…..

And Poison just for sheer comedy value.I’d also love the chance to accidentally bump into Bret and whip his wig off to see what’s really under there!


8. Out of all the national acts you guys have opened for, who was the coolest, and which band were the biggest dicks you’ve ever met?

Well SOA is pretty new but I remembert that Joe Leste from Bang Tango was a fuckin’ stuck up little prick. We played on the L.A Guns/Bang Tango/Faster Pussycat bill this past summer and he was such a pretentious little asshole.Funny thing was that all the bands overplayed that night including us and in the end,Bango Tango’s set included the grand total of 2 songs and the power was cut ha ha….I thought he was going to wet his gay little red pants!

Nicest guys were probably the White Lion boys.Even Mike Tramp who I’ve heard can be a little off at times was really cool with us.After the show I spent all night drinking in a hotel room with their Austrailian guitarist Jamie Law. We talked about the Australian soap opera Neighbours/Kangaroo’s/Didgeridoo’s…you name it. We even started jamming a few songs til Mr.Tramp interupted the party informing us that we needed to keep it down as he needed his beauty sleep.


9. What is the largest and smallest crowd you’ve ever performed in front of with Sins of America?

We played a high school show a couple of months ago to 900 kids.But in fairness they didn’t really have a choice as to whether they wanted to see us or not,they were forced to ha ha! Chris and I were also told off by one of the teachers for eating pizza in the canteen with some of the other "Cool" kids when we were supposed to be on stage. It kinda reminded me of the "Trixter goes back to school MTV special" It was hilarious! Apart from that we sold out a place called The Middle East in Boston back in the summer and played to around 300 people.

Smallest was opening for Britny Fox in Southbridge MA in May to about 15 people…..oh yeah and how can I forget our recent show in Rhode Island. We played to the grand total of 3 people.The sound guy,my best bro Scotty D and my wife ha ha….rock n roll sure is a rollercoaster ride!


10.  Metal Sludge word association with old & new skool bands. You rate them 1-10 and tell us why they rule or suck!

Bullet Boys = I’d give em a 6.They were never really one of my favourites back in the day and Marq’s voice ain’t what it used to be but I need to give my brother Laney 74 a 10 for his bass playing!


Trivium = Ugh,no comment they get a 1.


White Lion = Wrote some awesome pop songs back in the day and still sound surprisingly good today so they get an 8.However,Guitarist Jamie Law’s Kangaroo story gets a 10+


Papa Roach = Ugh,bandwagon jumpers.I remember back in 2001 they were all fat ugly fuckers who hated life.Now they all think they’re Nikki fuckin’ Sixx.They sucked on the Cruefest tour as well so they get a 1.


Warrant = So sad to see what’s become of Jani.His voice and songwriting walked all over every other Hair band around back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.Awesome,awesome songwriter and Erik Turner is a good friend of mine and a big fan of TCC so I’ll give them a 9.


Lordi =I don’t get it!-0



Are they the next Trixter or Danger Danger?

If so, God help us all.



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