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Official Dimebag book “He Came To Rock” to hit stores!

Official Dimebag book "He Came To Rock" in stores soon.


This is an official Press release but we scooped it from our friends at KNAC.

This is an official announcement from Big Vin Records to let you know that in just 13 days, the ONLY official book about DIMEBAG, "He Came To Rock" will be hitting store shelves (Best Buy, Borders, Hot Topic, Amazon, Hastings and many others).

If you’re too lazy or can’t make it to one of these outlets you can always order online directly from BigVinRecords.com.

The book is a photo gallery assembled from private and personal collections from friends and family as well as submissions from some of the world’s best photographers along with the stories behind the photos.

Also included is a revised version of Dimevision on DVD that now includes some never before seen bonus clips made by Dime!

To launch the release of the book, Vinnie Paul will be doing a book signing tour at the following cities:

  • 11/18 – Hard Rock Cafe (outside the casino) Las Vegas, NV
  • 11/19 – Best Buy (location and time TBA) Los Angeles, CA
  • 11/21 – Best Buy (location and time TBA) Dallas, TX
  • 11/22 – Best Buy (location and time TBA) NYC, NY

Check back for more information on exact locations and times. This book further establishes Dimebag’s legendary status as one of the most bad ass rockers ever! We hope to see you all there!

- Vinnie Paul, Big Vin Records.

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