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Steve “Sex” Summers responds to PBF break up.

Steve “Sex” Summers responds to PBF break up.

We first reported this the other day >HERE< when Kristy “Krash” Majors announced that the recently re-united Pretty Boy Floyd has again parted ways.

Now today we find this in the Sludge inbox from the bands frontman.


Pretty Boy floyd broke up,shit thats news to me.I will tell the fans when the band is done and since that is no time in the future i dont have much to say about a breakup.I will be posting a few new shows for Dec and Jan in the next few days and we just put up on our web site at www.prettyboyfloyd.tv a great new package which includes a brand new designed pbf shirt,new glossy as well as the 3 song limited edition EP for the upcomin covers record available in March of 2009 and a bunch of other cool swag for the first 50 orders.Take care SLUDGERS.

Steve Summers

It seems like we’ve seen this movie before, or read the book. Kind of like ground hog day. In the meantime for all the Sludge faithful who care, make sure to stay tuned to the guys sites.

For more on Steve visit him on MySpace >HERE< and visit Kristy >HERE<


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