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Sebastian Bach says he has tons of rare Skid Row tapes.

Sebastian Bach says he has tons of rare Skid Row tapes.


Skid Row was Rachel, Snake, Scotti, Rob & Baz.

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Sebastian Bach Says He Has "Tons" Of Rare Skid Row Footage Waiting To Be Released

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Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was recently interviewed by Record Collector magazine — a publication which the singer has described as "definitely my favorite magazine out of the UK and possibly the world."

An excerpt from Bach’s interview with Record Collector follows below.

Record Collector: Is there much unreleased in the archives?

Bach: A lot. Back when we were on tour in Skid Row, from ’89 to ’91, the soundman was making DATs of every concert, and we were partyng so much, I was the only one who listened to them and collected them. So when they kicked me out of the band in ’96, what they forgot was [laughs] … that I have 400 DAT tapes of everything of us and everybody from Bon Jovi to Soundgarden to Axl and Motley Crue. I’ve got the only copy of those, not to mention the video archive — Dimebag [Darrell Abbott of Pantera] goofing off and pro-shot concert footage — tons of one-of-a-kind tapes from ’90/’91, with all sorts of people jamming with us. Those guys kicked me out, but they should know that I’ve transferred all of it to digital for DVD and preserved the quality — I’m not that much of an asshole! [laughs] Journey put out a 1981 show on DVD and those guys hate each other’s guts, but how come they put this shit out? So if they [Skid Row] ever want to do that, I’m the guy that has all th footage. Make me an offer!

Record Collector: Do you have any tapes from before Skid Row?

Bach: Yes. I have a tape of my first beer commercial for radio — Schooner — in 1983. Then the guy who was the engineer on Rush’s "Snakes & Arrows." Rich Chycki, was a guitarist in Toronto in the mid-’80s. Before I joined Madame X from Detroit, I was playing in Rich’s band and those tapes exist in high quality sound. When I left for Madame X, he got James LaBrie of Dream Theater in and told him, "Sing it exactly like this." The album came out as Winter Rose, but that material exists with me singing [at] age 16. I was also on "Maple Metal" on Attic, at 14. It got reviewed in Kerrang! and I couldn’t even comprehend it.

Record Collector: Do you get involved in limited editions of your releases?

Bach: Yeah. The record company told me "Angel Down" was coming out on vinyl picture disc, and I was like, "What?! How cool is that?!" How ironic that vinyl is the one area taking off now. I have tons and it’s all preserved in plastic. I’ve got The Beatles "Yesterday and Today" with the baby dolls, and bootlegs I collected as a teenager, like Van Halen "Live in Pasadena." I think record companies are silly not putting out this stuff, instead of all this compilation bullshit. They’re fucking nuts! [laughs] Skid Row best-of? We only had three albums, and you can buy them for five bucks. Assholes! [laughs]

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