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November Sludgette Evette Chevette from Canada!

November Sludgette Evette Chevette from Canada!


Evette Chevette is our November Sludgette!



We’re excited to bring you our November Sludgette Evette Chevette. Kick ass name honey. 

Here is part of Evette’s little letter to Metal Sludge!

Hey Sludge! I’ve been so excited about this and i really hope you like the pics. If there’s any chance of passing off my myspace. There are some non nude and some semi nude. I really don’t care which ones you use. Here’s my questionaire. Evette Chevette

Of course we’ll use the nudes, duh? With no further babble, here is our November Sludgette – Evette Chevette from the Great White North.

1. Tell us about who you are, what you do and why do you wanna be a Sludgette?

I’m Evette Chevette.  I am 24, and my birthday is January 5, 1984.

I am an adult entertainter, I dabble in art, and I may make B-Movies.  My website is set to launch by new years (2009) www.thevettechevette.com.  Currently it links to my myspace, but cum 2009 it will be a whole new site.

I would like to be a Sludgette because Sludgettes are way hot and sexy, and like the metal…

2. Height, weight, measurements & when did you get your cherry popped:

5’5" (ish) 120lbs, 34-27-34D, I was 19… i was drunk, found out the next day i wasn’t a virgin no more.

3. What great country or land mass are you from?

Vancouver Canada – it’s cold up in here… so i escape to the warmth of Hollywood anytime I can


"Shout at the Vagina"

4. Your lifelong Ambitions:

Well, to become a famous pornstar, b-movie actress, calendar girl… you know that sorta thing.  Basically I want Evette Chevette to be a household name.

EvetteChevette _12.jpg

Nice shirt. Maybe you should drop it a bit.

5. Evette Chevette’s Turn-ons & Turn offs:

hot boys, sexy girls, rock and or roll, dirty sex in the backroom of a club, getting fucked on film,


dirty peoples, stink where stink does not belong. gangster homies.

6. Evette Chevette’s Favorite bands:

GnR first off – Buckcherry, Motley, i like Skid Row alot right now, Tuff (oops, ass licking is cause for getting slapped around), Spinerette, Metallica


Congrats, you are officially a member of "Guns N’ Panties"

7. How long have you been coming to Metal Sludge?

Since I found out it existed… 2 years ago. I think this place kicks ass

8. What’s your biggest worst and/or best vice?

sin – fun – boys – girls – sex – booze – putting my naked pictures on the web – other unmentionables

What are YOUR vices?!?!

(quiet, we’ll ask the questions.)

9. Do you believe in friends with "benefits"?

yes – i think i came up with the term "friends with benefits" – i mean what’s a friend if you can’t fuck em?!

10. You’re an "adult entertainer". How long have you been in this filthy business and are you making any money getting plowed?

Yes, that’s what I am!!  December 16, 2006 was when I put my very first pictures of me naked on the internet… ever since then, it’s become a vice.

I’m not exactly making what you’d call "good money" yet, but 2009 looks to be a very exciting year for me.

11. List items you can’t live without & what is the quickest way to your heart (in your pants)?

ipod (named Blanche)

cell phone


my boyfriend

my big sunglasses


a six pack of beer and an adequate penis

12. What’s the surest way to fuck up a date with you?

Expecting sex at the begining of the date.  I mean, if you show up to pick me up on our first date with your cock already in your hand, and ask to see my bedroom, basically my "creep" alarm bells are going off.  Maybe the end – that’s all cool – but not the begining!!


She’s so excited her shirt fell off.

13. How do you feel about being our November 2008 Sludgette Of The Month?



Thanks Metal Sludge

Well we’re glad that our latest Sludgette Evette Chevette is excited. Nice milk bags Chevy. Maybe we’ll call you Evey Chevy with the Heavy milk bags for short. Or does that not sound right? Oh well, thanks for playing.

Anyone who wants to learn more please visit her at MySpace.com/evettechevette

For any other aspring Sludgettes please click >HERE< for more information.

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