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Sebastian Bach wins “Gone Country” new video on CMT.

Sebastian Bach wins "Gone Country" new video on CMT


From Sebastian Bach . com HERE.


hey !! got home late last nite & put on the tv & there was the ‘Battle With The Bottle’ Video on CMT ! Felt INCREDIBLE to see the first video I have done in 15 years on the air !! I love the camaraderie between Jeffrey Steele Bobby Jarzombek & myself I think that’s what makes the video! Oh yeah that & the mind blowing cinematography of the incomparable Wayne Isham, who just won MTV ‘Video Of the Year’ for Britney Spears’ ‘Piece Of Me’ ! But I prefer his other ‘Piece Of Me’ video we filmed together in 1989!! haha thats another story!!

so, it was very exciting to see the video on tv for sure. this morning i turned on cmt to hopefully see it again…. it was on ‘Power Picks’ , & could have started tomorrows show .. but it lost to Montgomery Gentry !! Bummer !! sweb junkies, we cannot let this happen again! You have to watch the show & vote for the video online while the show is playing on tv! its wild! Here is the link to vote :
http://www.cmt.com/shows/dyn/cmt_power_picks/143678/episode.jhtml  the ‘Battle’ was close today ! lets take em out next time if we get another shot!

Watch the new CMT video for "Battle with the Bottle" HERE on YouTube.

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