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Gene Simmons of KISS says: “It’s been busier than usual.”

Gene Simmons of KISS says: "It’s been busier than usual."


KISS – Gene Simmons far right and Bruce Kulick far left.


From Gene Simmons . com HERE.

   It’s been busier than usual, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

   Worked with BRUCE KULICK on a new song called "AIN’T GONNA DIE" for his solo album.

   Yesterday, did voice overs for a SECOND TV SERIES I have, debuting in a month or two. More news when I’m free to comment.

   GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS Series IV is also concurrently shooting new episodes. Season IV order has also been expanded to include more new episodes. If you guys missed out on Season’s I, II and III, you can order them on Amazon or

   Shooting a MOVIE at the same time. Can’t release title, director or studio just yet.

   SIMMONS ABRAMSON signed new clients — and we’ll post that info soon. And, we continue to have meetings to maximize and cross pollinate our existing clients — INDYCAR SERIES, FRANK’S ENERGY DRINK, FIND.COM and others.

   I’m going up to Canada to be the Keynote Speaker at the ENTREPENEUR ORGANIZATION.

   Continue to do press for my LADIES OF THE NIGHT (Simmons Books/Phoenix Books) Best Seller.

   SIMMONS COMICS/IDW Pub is about to release PHANTASMAGORIA — which will feature all of our characters in one book — ZIPPER, DOMINATRIX and stories from GENE SIMMONS HOUSE OF HORRORS. All new stories, writers and artists. Coming soon.

   We also have FOUR NEW TELEVISION PROJECTS in the "active" area. More news soon.

NGTV.COM is going gangbusters. I’m Chairman of the Board. Check it out.

   And KISS is gearing up for BIG, WORLDWIDE EVENTS, to celebrate our 35th Annivesary!!!

   And more.

   Lots more.

I’m busy. I’m rich. I have a tv show. I’m shooting a movie. I have a comic book series. I’m a pig. I’m the chairman. I’m a jew. Etc..

Same old shit. Same old geezer named Gene.

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