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Donnie Vie: “if you wanna help, you help, and if not, go fuck yourself.”

Donnie Vie: "if you wanna help, you help, and if not, go fuck yourself."


Donnie says: "hey world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suck my cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

From Donnie Vie on MySpace today Monday September 8th 2008.

listen,i know ive been lax in taking care of business,but as you all know life is long and lame…and if you are like me ,when you start to get one thing under control,,,BOOM along comes something else…so many times I wanna say fuck all this ,and go let my rich dad worry about me,or whore myself out to any band or slut or what evever that can make ends meet…..the important thing is that you know that i wake up every day and take the shit that day has to offer and i think to my self,,,"I help people,,it dosnt matter how manny,,and that makes me feel so good,,cause thats the best feeling youu can have…ya know,,if you do stuff because deap in the back of your mind you think,,oh im such a good person,,,or i know ill go to heaven because im such a good guy,,,you missed it totally…it should all be about,,,,say for example you are playing a rock concert tonight,,,and you stop[ at 7 -11 and there is some bum outside and he has some story and wants change…..you think well he is in that position cause of drugs and he just wants more,,,and im not gonna help that…ya know what???? who knows why hes there ,and what hes done,and what he wants it for….the thing is he is there,,,and its not pretty,,and what difference does it make what he wants to you,,its what would make him happy for a little while,,,,,,thats what its about,,we are not gonna be here very much longer,,,cause the world is ending ,,and it needs too,,,but while we are here ,,,try giving some crack head a hundred dollar bill,and look how unbelievable happy he is,,and thats his world,,and thats how he measures happiness,,,just dont judge what is right or wrong,,happiness is determined by the individual,,and if you wanna help ,you help,,,and if not ,,,go fuck yourself…….new downloads tomorrow at DonnieVie. com

Then this post followed minutes later.

Sep 8, 2008 1:58 PM

Subject: hey world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Body: suck my cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this 1 minute later.

Date: Sep 8, 2008 1:59 PM

Subject: sorry

Body: im just bummedm out

Translation = I need money, buy my downloads.

Donnie’s MySpace is HERE. Do him a favor, don’t judge him and buy a song. Donnie has mega talent, even though he sometimes (as they say in Chicago) comes off like a jagoff.

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