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Rumor: Warrant fires Jani Lane, new singer Robert Mason?

Rumor Warrant fires Jani Lane, new singer Robert Mason?


Jani Lane = No longer in Warrant?

Holy popcorn balls Batbitch!

The big rumor is that Warrant has fired Jani Lane and is hiring Robert Mason (former Lynch Mob singer) to fill in for their up coming shows.

This has not been acknowledged by the Warrant camp yet, but it appears that Jani Lane’s profile on myspace has evaporated into thin air and is no longer listed on the Warrant official myspace site HERE.

Http://www.myspace.com/janilane when you enter his myspace addy it now says:

This user has cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted.

The Warrant top friends only lists 19 friends instead of 20.

It seems that Steven Sweets myspace HERE displays his Top 19 friends, with an empty space. It also appears that all of the guys all list each other and Warrant as their Top friends, but Jani Lane is no longer in that group.

Recent Jani Lane related stories on Metal Sludge are as follows, Vegas, Virginia, Love Triangle & a few sad performances from Rock the Bayou – Rock the Bayou 2.

One or more of these incidents may have impacted the bands decision to move forward with this swift and abrubt decision after their big re-union.

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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