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Former Playboy Playmate calls out Jani Lane in love triangle.

Former Playboy Playmate calls out Jani Lane in love triangle.


The Playa – And the Play’d!

Oh the drama.

Jani Lane has come up with yet another ground breaking performance, or lack of. It seems that Jani and his longtime girlfriend (from what we know was a woman named Sheila) have "allegedly" recently parted ways. Or at least according to what Mr. Lane had "allegedly" expressed to his "new girl friend" Julie Mccullough they did.

The former Playboy Playmate Julie Mccullough had a minor meltdown on her myspace Monday night saying in a blog to her over 30,000 friends.

Subject: "About my LIAR boyfriend Jani Lane… its OVER, here’s why."

More on Julie, She is currently doing stand up comedy, and claims she gets paid to be a funny bunny. She is also (according to her blogs) very religious. In addition, her myspace profile says she is 43, smokes, drinks, has a strong opinion about abortion, is currently displaying the mood "betrayed" and has "I don’t like Mondays" as her background music. We’re wondering if she knows that the song is about a distraught girl who went and murdered half her class?

Now sorry to get long winded, but if memory serves correctly, isn’t this the same girl who was the featured actress in the NITRO video for "Long Way From Home"? This song was featured on Headbangers Ball and can be viewed right HERE on YouTube.


A picture of Julie in her 20s, you be the judge.

Without going any deeper, we’ll let you the reader take flight and hold on, because the following is full of lies, deception, religion, and tells the tale of 2 girls being played by a playa like no other. Enjoy.

For more on Ms. Julie Mccullough aka "Funny Bunny" go to her MySpace.

Subject: About my LIAR boyfriend Jani Lane… its OVER, here’s why.

I am more than upset for being betrayed, played, lied to and deceived.

Its amazing what info comes back to you when you post bulletins to over 30 thousand people.

I have a large group of friends and family and myspace friends whom all live back east in NC, VA, and WV and because I went to school in TX, I also have friends and family there as well so, I thought, Hey I should post bulletins to promote by boyfriend Jani Lane and to promote his shows which happened to be in the places that I’m from… with the Best Intentions of adding My real friends on myspace and my myspace friends and my family to his site and also in hopes that they would see my bulletins and go see his show if they were music fans. Jani and I had been together for several weeks and we’ve hungout with most of my best friends, we’ve gone to church together, hungout with the Pastor and his family and we’ve hungout with Alot of friends from church, we’ve hungout with my Brother, we’ve been very public about our relationship going to concerts, movies, church and dinners together… It was indeed a Very sweet and nice relationship… SO, to My Brother, All of my best friends and Everybody at church You to have been decieved.

Jani told me he had an ex girlfriend named Sheila. He told me she stalked him now since he broke up with her and that she knew he was seeing me after he had me at the top of his myspace page before he randomized his top friends. He said that she told him all kinds of really bad stuff about me which I was very upset about so I said something Which was WAY out of line and character for me about her…. I said that She was nothing but a shiver looking for a spine to crawl up and that wasn’t anything that reincarnation can’t cure… For Those Very Harsh Words I Am Truely Sorry…. I said them in anger because of what he told me she said about me… but I still should Not have said it, it wasn’t nice, two wrongs do not make a right.

I got all kinds of HATE emails telling me Jani has a girlfriend and its not you and Her name is Sheila and she said Jani told her you were a liar and that you’re crazy and that he’s not seeing you and so on and so on and so on…. in the meantime, Jani called me and told me he’s so sorry that Sheilas friends were sending me these terrible emails and that he’d deal with his ex girlfriend and make it stop… so I felt good about it because I Believed In Him.

I’m airing All of this in Public because I Don’t like Lies.

Jani is now back from the shows this week and this girl Sheila, whom I have never met, called me this morning from His house and we had a very lovely conversation to clear the web of lies… Jani has been seeing both of us telling both of us that the other was crazy and telling both of us just a whole bunch of lies.

I’m a public figure, I don’t randomly date people… I’m very upset… not about posting the bulletins and telling Everybody, hey, I got a boyfriend and you should add him and go to his shows…

AGAIN, those were posted with the best intentions of adding My friends and My family to his… Now I am ever SO HAPPY that I did post them exactly as they were posted because All heck broke out and the TRUTH came back three fold. Jani is just a Liar and a Deceiving person and He Betrayed Everything I Believe In…

I believe in the word TRUTH… I wanna believe in Love (not believing in that at all at this moment)

Now the Truth has come out because Sheila told me (and I Believe her) that she has been maintaining an active relationship with him the Whole time that he and I have been together… How he did it, is beyond me, Seriously.

If some of you have hateful things to say and Yes I am talking about you the so-called PR LADY (Carla) please keep it to yourself and delete yourself from my friends list. You don’t know me and certainly went out of your way to be evil and be involved in Drama without knowing boths sides to a story and you have said your evil thoughts already… so Please move on and Remove yourself off my friends list and never email me again as long as I live. And NO Carla, the writing was NOT on the wall. So have a nice life, after that email you wrote, I do Not want to ever know you, You are Not a nice person and your dark side is much to dark for me. I only want to stand in the light of goodness.

So Girls and Boys beware of Liars. They came in all shapes and forms. This one came to me with a sweet smile and heart on the sleeve.

Hold on to your hearts.

Mine is crushed at this moment. And I’m sad that I Trusted and Believed In Jani and that I allowed him into my life with my family and my friends. I only want Good people in my life Not terrible dark and evil people full of and lies.

I pray that all of you who have spent so much time alone, as I have, find a Good person to give your love to and a person that will give you love and truth back three fold.

Whats funny to me is the power of Prayer…

I said a prayer to God last night to open my eyes and show me the truth.

I got my answer this morning.

I don’t have hate in my heart. I’ve only let myself down by giving my heart to someone who just used it. I’m sad. And I just wanted to clear the air that I stand in.

So Thanks for reading this bulletin.

I’m only sorry for believing in love at this moment. Otherwise I have Nothing left to say.

xo, Julie

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