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Warrant review from Virginia show 8-30-2008

Warrant review from Virginia show 8-30-2008


The official Warrant re-union for 2008 has hit a few snags.


As for the Warrant re-union, we’ve seen some not so good reviews on the various message boards, and a few links from YouTube to coincide with them.

This last weekend for Warrant seems to have been a little more of the same. Similar incidents went down in Las Vegas a few months back, see link HERE.

Here are a few different links, this from Rock the Bayou HERE, and a post HERE detailing some more opinions from fans alike.

The fan who wrote the review below seems to be fairly let down.


Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008 4:30 PM

To: Sludge

Subject: WARRANT at Virginia Beach review (wow)

Hey y’all,

I was over at Virginia Beach last night for the Rock and Roll half marathon.  It’s a race held in conjunction with the American Music Festival, and every year they get some really good bands.  This year, the metal headliner was Warrant…

The good-

My hotel was a block down from where the show was, and I was able to see soundcheck (outdoor stage) and it was great.  The band was tight and Jani was on point.  They did "Big Talk" and "Down Boys" and they tore it up.  I was definitly excited to see the show that night, even moreso when it looked like Jani was good to go, so to speak…

The show-

The show was free, and there was a ton of people there.  The show started on time, and again, the band was tight.  They opened with "Down Boys", and when Jani came out, you only needed to hear 2 lines to tell he was messed up.  It just went downhill from there.  He was terrible with the words, to the point where if you didn’t know the song you probably couldn’t tell what it was.  He made Vince Neil look like a blabbermouth.  The band did their best to cover him, but there was only so much they could do.  He was having acoustic guitar troubles, but he couldn’t even play it.  He didn’t make it through the intro to "Heaven".  Couldn’t even hit the C chord.   It was actually sad to see such a talent this screwed up.  He was reading lyrics off the floor and hardly moved around the stage.  At one point, he stopped a song in the middle to switch to a different one.  He couldn’t get through "Uncle Tom’s Cabin" at all.  He just mumbled, and of course, Joey had to play all the guitar parts. He tried to tell a couple stories and interact with the crowd, but it just wasn’t happening.  The crowd was supportive, but it almost seemed like they were just throwing gas on his fucked up fire.  They encore’d with "Cherry Pie", and when they got to the solo, Jani walked over to Joey and yelled "Play that solo, CC!"  I know CC played that song on the record, but still.

Post show, I came out of the bathroom and Jani came crashing right by us, with a crowd of people following him.  He couldn’t lift his feet to walk and was just sort of shuffling, but he was just in his own world.  He stumbled down the boardwalk and out towards the beach into the dark.

I love Warrant, always have, always will.  Having said that, this was sad.  People were leaving in droves, and it was a free show!  Again, the rest of the band did a great job, no question, but Jani Lane just wasn’t there.

If you need/want any more details on this show, feel free to ask.

Rock, N


How long will the reunited Warrant last? It’s anyones guess as this point.

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