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Sebastian Bach: “SKID ROW has been wrecked by what they’re doing.”

Sebastian Bach: "SKID ROW has been wrecked by what they’re doing."


Patty cake make up boy Sebastian Bach says SKID ROW is wrecked.


SEBASTIAN BACH Says His Former Bandmates Have ‘Wrecked’ The SKID ROW ‘Brand’ – Aug. 13, 2008

Larry Rodgers of The Arizona Republic recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow.

The Arizona Republic: Judging from recent concert reviews, it seems you are as enthusiastic as ever about performing.

Bach: When you’re 19, you think you’re invincible; you assume you can destroy the world. When you’re 40 and you’re playing sold-out arenas and have a brand new CD in the stores, it means even more. I couldn’t be happier.

The Arizona Republic: Are you happy with how "Angel Down" turned out?

Bach: "Angel Down" is more what I expect of myself and what the fans expect of me. In a lot of the songs, I sound real young, and it’s really astonishing, the way I’ve lived my life and how I’ve beat the (expletive) out of myself for 20 years. (laughs) On a couple of songs, like "You Don’t Understand" and "By Your Side", I sound like a little boy, and I have to laugh. I plan on singing for the rest of my life, so get used to it.

The Arizona Republic: Does it bug you to see SKID ROW touring with someone basically imitating you?

Bach: Yeah, it bugs me, because entertainment in 2008, as my manager tells me, is about branding. And the brand SKID ROW has been wrecked by what they’re doing.

The Arizona Republic: You’ve done lots of work in reality television. Do you still enjoy it?

Bach: I look at television as a way of promoting my name so people can get turned on to my music. "Gone Country 2" on CMT is my latest show. . . . I’m living in Barbara Mandrell’s mansion with Jermaine Jackson of the JACKSON 5 as my roommate. Across the hall is Lorenzo Lamas with Chris (Kirkpatrick) of ‘N SYNC, and next to them is Sean Young from "Blade Runner" and "Stripes". Who thinks this stuff up? (Laughs)

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