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Tracii Guns: “Steve Riley stole $ 157,000.00 from me and Phil Lewis is a piece of shit.”

T. Guns: "Steve Riley stole $ 157,000.00 from me & Phil Lewis is a piece of shit."


Looks like some shared their black hair dye and the straightener.

Well it seems Monday has kicked into gear with some good ole Sludge.

A recent interview on the Classic Metal Show (listen) has given the LA Guns camps some new fuel for the exisiting bon fire. This has also been posted on Melodic Rock.

The Classic Metal Show – "People are talking about the fact that there are two version of LA Guns out there. The "other" camp has said some negative things about you being out there. Maybe it’s best to set the record straight with you as to why you are doing it and calling it LA Guns, and why it’s OK to do. They say some pretty harsh things the other way."

Tracii Guns: "That’s because they’re jealous and bitter. I’ll definitely go to their funerals."

The Classic Metal Show – "One thing I wanted to address with you Tracii is the whole "two band syndrome". What is it about the 80s where the legal stuff not pinpointed enough to where you guys are ending up with these kind of dramas; you know, multiple bands out there with the same name and slagging each other over the same name. What was it that didn’t go right to where this is happening now?"

Tracii Guns: "Steve Riley stole $157,000 dollars from me, and Phil Lewis is a piece of shit. So there you go. You wanted the answer, well, there it is."

In response Phil Lewis has posted the following on the bands forum HERE.

"Coming from him I almost take that as a compliment.

One day I’ll sit down and compile all the bridges he’s burned, Motley, Poison, Quiet riot, G&R and all the individuals that he’s pissed off not to mention the companies Gibson Fender, Halo guitars, etc and last but not least all the people he’s played with that vowed never to step in the same room as him a category that includes myself and Paul black, The list goes on and on, I couldn’t function like that. So how does that make ME the shit. Sounds like the words of a sad and desperate man.

And if someone stole 157k from you wouldn’t you get some legal help to recover that much money? As you already know the guys delusional."

Boys, now play nice.

In related LA Guns news, the Phil Lewis version will be in the UK (with Love/Hate) and Italy coming up in the fall.

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