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10 Questions with Australia’s Doomfoxx.

10 Questions with Australia’s Doomfoxx


Doomfoxx and a table of drinks – go figure!

Doomfoxx is currently in Hollywood and playing the West Coast. The band is from Sydney Australia and looks to be waving the rock n’ roll flag for all it’s worth. Good for them, we need more rock bands making a statement globally.

We caught up with guitarist Dave Thomas who answers our 10 questions below.

The band has an AC/DC meets anything dirty sound. Cool band, cool songs and they’re currently touring for anyone who wants to come see.

1. Tell us about your band, where you’re from and what your goal is in America?

We’re a rock band from Australia and we want to show america how its really done!

2. Who does DoomFoxx mean or come from, and why should the rest of the world care?

The writer/pimp, Iceberg Slim had the idea that however many girls he had working for him, there would always be one that would make his life hell – that’s the Doomfoxx.

3. What are the 3 best and worst things about living down under?

Best – The girls, the weather, the attitude /Worst – The price of drugs, the weather, the distance from the rest of the world.

4. Tell us about your trip to Hollywood, playing the Strip and anything else worth mentioning? And is there any fture plans for gigs, tours outside kangarooland?

Hollywood rocks! We’ve met some really cool people and had a real cool time. The 2am closing thing is a bit amateur – we’re used to going harder for longer. We’re touring Europe in September supporting the release of our new album after a run of shows in Australia in August. Who the fuck says "Kangarooland"?


Dave Thomas makes a statement for the haters!

5. What hard rock/heavy metal band should be dropped from the record label so you guys can take their place?

Some old fuckin’ has-beens!

6. AD/DC are the kings of your country when it comes to rock music, but what does DoomFoxx say about the following.

Silverchair = I’m sure they’re really nice guys

Rose Tattoo = We’ve toured Europe with these guys – they rock!

Men At Work = Roadworkers?

The Dead Things = Ha ha – trick question!!

Lead screamer Stuart Mckie was born in Kilmarnock Scotland but raised in

Perth Australia. Bon Scott anyone?

7. What is the largest and smallest crowd you’ve ever performed in front of?

60,000 & 6

8. Out of all the international recording artists you’ve shared the stage with, who were super cool and who were complete dicks to deal with?

The Darkness were really cool guys and a great band. We don’t work with dicks.

9. What is the bands motto, and rules of rock to live by?

If we had some eggs we could have bacon and eggs – if we had some bacon

10. Metal Sludge’s old & new skool / rate a rock band 1-10. 1 being a band who sucks, and a 10 being the shit!

Motley Crue = The New York Dolls are one of my favourite bands!!

Avenged Sevenfold = I think I might have seen a photo of these guys

Poison = "Nothing But A Good Time" is a great song

Papa Roach = Who the hell is Papa Roach?

Warrant = The girl in The Cherry Pie video was pretty hot.

My Chemical Romance = They’re pretty big, aren’t they?

KISS = That scene in Dazed & Confused when they play "Rock’n’roll All Night" is classic!!

Five Finger Death Punch = I’m no slouch when it comes to music but I have never heard of FFDP. Is this another trick question??!!

Slaughter = I love The Stooges. Do they!

Buckcherry = I love the cocaine! I love the cocaine!

11. Bonus Round. Talk some shit at someone else’s expense! Band, club, ex gf, etc…go for it.

Get fucked!

Thanks for taking time to answer our questions Dave. We couldn’t have ended the interview any better ourselves.

The band has a MySpace site and website as well found HERE.

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