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Nitro frontman Jim Gillette doesn’t rule out reunion!

Nitro frontman Jim Gillette doesn’t rule out reunion!


Jim Gillette looking more like Tank Abbott than Jimmy L’Mour.


Article found at Blabbermouth.net HERE.

With Lita Ford back in action, many people came up to her husband Jim Gillette at the Rocklahoma festival this past weekend and asked him if his long-defunct late ’80s/early ’90s melodic hard rock band NITRO would ever return to the stage. His response was: "It would be great to do; maybe next year. It would take about six months to get back to where I would like it to be vocally." Jim also sat in on interviews with Lita Ford for XM Radio with Kevin Kash as well as "The Tour Bus".

NITRO was formed in 1987 in Hollywood, California by Gillette and guitarist Michael Angelo Batio. They recruited bassist T.J. Racer, drummer Vinne Saint James, and keyboard player Kevin Jachetta, and under Gillette‘s name released their first album, "Proud to Be Loud". After the LP was issued, James and Jachetta left the band, which by now had become known as NITRO. The band recruited a new drummer in ex-VINNIE VINCENT INVASION skinsman Bobby Rock. They also landed a recording contract with Rampage (Rhino) after their first show, where Gillette reportedly shattered three wine glasses with his voice. The band recorded "O.F.R." and released it in 1989, after which Rock left to join NELSON. His replacement was K.C. Comet, who appeared in the band’s first two music videos, for the songs "Freight Train" and "Long Way From Home". Comet stayed with the band until the end of the "O.F.R." tour. Racer and Comet then left and were replaced by Ralph Carter and Johnny Thunder.

In 1991, NITRO released what turned out to be their only other studio album, "Nitro II: H.W.D.W.S.", and shot a video for their cover of TED NUGENT‘s "Cat Scratch Fever". The band broke up in 1992, after which Gillette married Lita Ford and Batio started a solo career.

Fast Facts: Jim Gillette once fronted the band TUFF prior to Stevie Rachelle joining. Jim also used the stage name Jimmy L’mour, previous to that Jim was Jimmy Jill. 

More Fast facts: Jim Gillette was present at Rachelle’s initial audition. Rachelle challenged Gillette to an arm wrestling match. Rachelle lost, Gillette laughed.

Final Fast Facts: Rachelle re-issued Jim Gillette’s "Proud to Be Loud" on his RLS Records label and the CD can be purchased HERE right now.

Stevie is buff. Jim is buffer. Gillette and Rachelle still talk.

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