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Death at Rocklahoma rumors strengthen?

Death at Rocklahoma rumors strengthen?


Rocklahoma storm damage!


We’ve heard a ton about the storm at Rocklahoma and have also heard from several sources all un-related that indeed someone did die at this weekends Rocklahoma music festival. See our original post HERE.

The death according to all sources say it had nothing to do with the storm and infact happened on Saturday previous to the storm hitting.

Now today we’re getting more e-mails from fans who are detailing similarly that someone did indeed die at the event.

From: LL

Sent: Monday, July 14, 2008 4:48 AM

To: Sludge

Subject: Confirmation of death at Rocklahoma

I found this on Tulsa’s, KOTV.com website. Apparently a 36 y.o. woman did die Saturday:

The Mayes County Sheriff’s department says one fan, a 36-year-old woman, did die on Saturday, but authorities say the death was not storm-related. They believe it could have been heat related, but they are not sure yet.


From: dm

Sent: Monday, July 14, 2008 6:19 PM

To: Sludge

Subject: rocklahoma

hey. just wanna clear some things up about the deaths at rocklahoma. i was there all 5 days and what happened was a lady that was a diabetic died in her chair near the north side of the main stage. people thought that she was asleep but who could sleep that day as the temp was nearly 100 degrees.

that same day later tho, the skies turned black and me living in muskogee i knew what was about to happen. the rains came but the wind was fucking 65 to 70 straightline. we went to the vip tent and it was scary shit. finally went out to check and the side stages were destoyed. but…..the show must go on so lynch mob came on about 8:00 pm and rocked. it rained the rest of the nite. next day they decided to allow the acts that were scheduled to play the side stages take three big tents where they sell beer. ron keel was one of the last acts to play. i met him and talked to him about converting back to rock. he seemed offended by me asking that but even tho i don’t prefer country music, i wasn’t being  a dick about it. he said…"its all music man" yeah, i fucking know that but hell i was just asking a question. got some pics with him and also the destuction from the storm if you are interested. if not, cool too. 

sludge on, dm

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