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Don Dokken name dropping his rehab buddies.

Don Dokken name dropping his rehab buddies.


Jeff Pilson, George Lynch, Don & Mick Brown – Dokken era ’85


Usually when someone goes to rehab they want it to be confidential. At least that is the way most would want it to be. And we’re guessing that when someone leaves any specific clinic it’s not usually accepted by the ones left to fight on and try to get well that their "former" roomie is now out on the street and making a press release outing all the fuck ups.

Of course if your name ryhmes with Rokken, we guess it’s okay to say whatever you want and tell the world who is a drunk and who is addicted to the point of being admitted. Don should change his first name to Dick. Dick Dokken sounds better anyway.

Don Dokken has posted the following message on his official web site:

"It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since [DOKKEN’s latest album] ‘Lightning Strikes Again’ came out, we entered the Billboard hard rock chart at #18, #1 on CD Universe and #80 on iTunes. All I can say is thanks, you are the ones that made it happen.

"We leave this week for our summer tour with POISON. I’m looking forward to it and hoping to sing the best I have in a while.

"I recently had surgery on my sinuses. I’ve had problems with my voice for a long time and it was driving me nuts. The smoking didn’t help either. It turns out I’ve had a sinus disease for years, and NO, it wasn’t from doing blow! So now it’s as good as it’s gonna get, especially at my age, hah!

"It took almost three years to finish ‘Lightning Strikes Again’. Mostly because the producer was wasted all the time, and guess what? I’m the producer! So that’s why I recently spent some time hanging out with Stevo from ‘Jackass’ at Las Encinas hospital. He’s a very cool guy. I left just in time for my friend Steven Tyler [AEROSMITH] to have my room. Seems it’s getting really popular there. Steven has been the poster child for living a clean life for so long. I was shocked to hear he was coming my way. It is so true that addiction is a life-long struggle.

"So by now I think you’ve figured out what I was doing there. The QUEENSRŸCHE tour was a wake-up call. We were all on the same bus and they got really worried about me; I was a mess. Let’s just say 17 years was enough, and think of the money I’ll now be saving, LOL.

"So since I was wandering around in my bathrobe for a month looking and feeling like a homeless person, counseling with Dr. Drew and 10 other docs, I figured I might as well quite drinking at the same. Rehab was scary and painful, but worth it. I don’t recommend trying to get clean on your own if you have a serious drug problem. My problem was… I didn’t think I had a problem. I was wrong.

"So here I go with a clear mind, repaired vocal chords and some great new songs to sing from ‘Lightning Strikes Again’.

"I hope everyone comes to at least one show, or 2 or 30. We will be adding some headlining shows in between the POISON shows, so check for the dates.

"So that’s it for now. Enjoy your summer, and if you see me drinking on stage, it’s just iced tea, honest!"

In the end we’re very happy to see rock n’ roll on the charts and on the road. But is it really bad to wish it was a King Kobra or Icon reunion as opposed to Dong Name Droppin and his scab version of Dokken? Didn’t think so.

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