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Sebastian Bach on Scott Weiland: “Mr. fucking No Tone, zero ranged fucking singer.”

S. Bach on S. Weiland: "Mr. fucking No Tone, zero ranged fucking singer."


 A bitch is a bitch, poor or rich. 1 bitch + 1 bitch = 2 bitches.


Joshua Koloski of Mouth4Music recently conducted an interview with Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow.

Mouth4Music: Well, now you and Axl [Rose] have been friends for quite some time and have collaborated on each other’s albums.

Sebastian: He sings three songs on "Angel Down" with "Love is a Bitch Slap", "Stuck Inside", and "Back in the Saddle". He helped out Skid Row back in the old days in 1991 when he took us out on the "Use Your Illusion" tour and now he took my solo band out in 2006-2007 and took us around the world. I could never ever repay him for how much he has helped me out. The fact that everyone was waiting for him to put out "Chinese Democracy" and he comes out and makes his return on Sebastian Bach’s solo album; think of how cool that is for us as a band. We are really proud of this CD. When we put out this CD and you stick it in and hear Axl Rose screaming at the top of his lungs, that is kind of cool to have!

Mouth4Music: Oh, man, for sure it kicks ass!

Sebastian: I have already asked him about the next CD. You know, sometimes I see the comments on the Internet, like Blabbermouth, and one of the comments that I read, because I am working with Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed for the next album, was, "Sebastian will never top ‘Angel Down’." When are people gonna learn this is what I fucking do? Like I am not going to top "Angel Down". Of course I am — this is what I fucking do!

Mouth4Music: Not only do you do music, man, you do everything, man! How the hell do you find the time?

Sebastian: I do TV and stuff and I basically look at it as a way to promote my music. That is what really means the most to me.

Mouth4Music: You know, that is a great way to do it, bro. You are being viewed by millions. You know, you seem to be at a point in your career that you can handpick what you wish to be a part of as well.

Sebastian: That is 100% true. I would like to smack Dr. Drew Pinsky in the face from "Celebrity Rehab" because he asked me to do his stupid fucking show and I said no immediately, then he goes around and starts using my name for his bullshit show and I think he is a real evil fucking guy to use me or Angelina Jolie or whoever else he goes around talking about. Mind your own fucking business, Dr. Drew! Mind your own fucking business is what I got to say to you.

Mouth4Music: There are a lot of people who like just like to run their mouths and start shit! I think half of them have no clue what the hell they’re talking about.

Sebastian: It is the whole scene, and for them to use my name for their stupid show is bullshit and has nothing to do with me. I am doing "Gone Country 2" — that I really dig — coming out on the CMT network in August. That is all about music and that is why I like it and that is why I do it. Anything to do with music I do, but I don’t do "Fear Factor" and stick my head in a aquarium with a bunch of scorpions, eating bugs, and jumping out of airplanes. I like making music and that’s what I do.

Mouth4Music: Now rumors have been flying around back in 2003 and then recently once again that you would become the lead singer of Velvet Revolver! Is there any truth to that? We would like to clear that up right now for people.

Sebastian: I think that has a lot to do with the fact the Scott Weiland said Sebastian Bach would be a perfect choice for Velvet Revolver and he might have been joking but guess what? If I was to sing for Velvet Revolver we could at least do some Guns N’ Roses songs. (laughing) You can joke all you want Mr. fucking No Tone, zero ranged fucking singer. I would eat him for breakfast on a microphone any day of the week.

Mouth4Music: [Going back to discussing Bach’s friendship with Axl Rose] Well, yeah, man you are doing the songs with the man that writes them and performs them.

Sebastian: You know, [Scott] Weiland [former Velvet Revolver singer] got tired of hearing about Axl and me probably. He got tired of hearing about it and you cannot replace Axl Rose, you know — that fucking guy has got one of the craziest, most amazing voices in the history of rock and when he does "Sweet Child O’ Mine" and "Welcome to the Jungle", it is an awesome thing to see, it really is, and I have seen it a million times and it is always incredible. He is the best, really.

Mouth4Music: Now, a lot of critics since day one throughout your career label you as this bad-ass, do-what-you-want, don’t-care-about-no-one type person. You seem far from that just talking to you.

Sebastian: Well, performing is a tough business. I give a shit about people and i have never said that I don’t give a shit about people. That is not true at all, but I will not compromise my art and I learned that from my dad, actually. I do not like to put my name on something that I don’t think is the best it can be. That is just the way it is, but I cannot be that hard to work with if I am doing Broadway in four musicals all across the country. You will last one week doing Broadway if you were hard to work with — there is a lot of people just waiting to get your gig on Broadway. People are just waiting — they have a list for it.

Mouth4Music: Well, that is what I was thinking when looking over your credentials.

Sebastian: The thing is, I have to believe in what i am doing or I do not do it. That is when people get mad at me and I don’t really care if they get mad at me, because if I put my name on it, like "Angel Down", with the lyrics and the cover and art my dad did is just perfect to me so I am proud to put my name on it. The ending of Skid Row, they would give me these songs that I didn’t think were the best songs they could be or put the Skid Row name on it, so I would not sing them. That is when they said, "You are out of control and hard to work with." I said, "No, I just refuse to suck."

Translation of the above is summed up as follows:

1. Sebastian Bach is very talented & can sing very well.

2. Sebastian has Axl Rose’s nuts in his mouth.

3. The interview is as much about Axl & Scott Weiland as it is about Baz.

4. No one cares about the stupid Angel Down CD but they always mention it anyway.

5. All 3, Baz, Axl and Scott are bitches.

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