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Warrant gig train wreck in Las Vegas fans refunded!

Warrant gig train wreck in Las Vegas fans refunded!


"After the show, fans started to line up asking for a refund!"

Well it wasn’t even quite midnight and the reports started to flow in to the Sludge inbox. It seems that the Warrant show in Nevada on Saturday nite July 5th was at one point described by a fan as a: "Total train wreck."

Below are a few  fan reports and a link to the ever famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards HERE where fans are clearly angry with Jani Lane and Warrant.

From: J.L.

Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2008 11:45 PM

To: Sludge

Subject: Las Vegas Warant show

Thought you guys might be interested in this.  Just got home from the Warrant show at the Sunset Station in Henderson, Nv.  Total train wreck .  Jani was trashed from the start.  The band opened with Down Boys and Jani was off key and out of sync with the rest of the band.  They continued with Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinkin’ Rich and All My Bridges Are Burning and got worse as the show went along.  Jani forgot the words to almost all of the songs and seemed to think Joey Allen was his personal valet often stating "Joey, get me my acoustic guitar".  How Joey didn’t just knock Jani out and take over vocal duties I’ll never know.  The unfortunate highlight of the evening was the band saying something to Jani to which Jani responded "Wait, you want to play THAT song?!?  I can try ….." which led into them playing Machine Gun and prompted the drunk next to me to scream "Put a gun in your mouth!"  The rest of the band played pretty tight and it’s unfortunate that their "reunion" may not last very long if this becomes a regular occurence.

Signed, JL


And another followed.

From: CD

Sent: Sunday, July 06, 2008 5:31 AM

To: Sludge

Subject: Warrant / Great White concert – Las Vegas

Hello Sludge,

Last night I went to the (Warrant / Great White) concert last night at The Sunset Station Casino here in Las Vegas (Henderson).  Great White opened up, and did there always consistant tight set of hits.

Up next is the long awaited debut of Janie.

Holy shit is all I can say!

I went to the show ready to cheer on Janie and support his duty as lead singer again before Rocklahoma.

The band comes out, and within 2 minutes, the crowd is in horror!  The sound isn’t right, it sounds muffled and too loud, where Great White sounded almost like a CD.

Janie is dressed in black leather, not a wise choice at an outdoor Summer concert in Las Vegas.  Every song is a nightmare!  He forgets lyrics, runs out of breath, and looks almost lost on stage.  His singing is out of tune, and the high notes that need to be hit are so embarassing, that even the 60 year old ushers are looking at him wondering if he just got shot and need to call the police!

The crowd started booing after each song.  I kept looking at my watch wondering how long it will take before Janie walks off stage never to be seen again, or at least until I walk past at the Hooter’s Bar inside the Hotel.

After the show, fans started to line up asking for a refund!  Holy shit, what a nightmare for the promoter!  The Rocklahoma promoters will shit if last nights concert details hits their ears!

Before the show, several fans saw him downing cocktails.  What a sad but predictable sight that must have been. Damn, some lessons are never learned!  I guess those cocktails are just too delicious when it’s 110 degrees.

I wish he would take his clown shoes off and smell the rose one of these years!

Later, C.D.

A video has already surfaced on YouTube but it’s fairly blurry, hard to follow or understand the audio. Probably just like it was live for the fans. It’s titled "Warrant sucks ass in Vegas" and is found HERE.  Warrant sucks Las Vegas part 2 is HERE. It’s Jani in the crowd looking beyond repair.

Two new clips part-1 & part-2 of "Uncle Toms Cabin" have surfaced as well. It’s clear Lane is wasted, and fans are booing loudly before, during and after the song.

An additional review is found HERE at Sleaze Roxx. Doesn’t look good either.

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