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Motley Crue “SOLA” sells 99,000 & hits #4 on Billboard.

Motley Crue "SOLA" sells 99,000 & hits #4 on Billboard.


Motley Crue have officially kicked off their new tour in Florida and the latest from the band "Saints of Los Angeles" has hit the stores as well. The new disc has sold a solid 99,000 units to debut at #4 on Billboard behind Coldplay and Lil Wayne the top 2.

• The Hot Shot Debut this week on the Billboard 200 belongs to veteran act Motley Crue, whose new studio album "Saints of Los Angeles" bows at No. 4 with 99,000. That’s the highest-charting set for the Crue since "Generation Swine" also started at No. 4 back in 1997. Even better for the band — the 99,000 bow of "Saints" represents the biggest sales week for the act since Christmas week of 1991, when its hits package "Decade of Decadence" sold 121,000 … The band is headlining the Crue Fest tour, which kicked off yesterday (July 1) in West Palm Beach, Fla. A companion Crue Fest compilation album also debuts this week at No. 107 on the Billboard 200 with 7,000.

Source is Billboard HERE.

According to a fan online the bands setlist looked like this on July 1st.

Kickstart My Heart

Wild Side

Shout At The Devil

Saints of Los Angeles

Live Wire

Tommy and the Titty Cam

Motherfucker of the Year

Don’t Go Away Mad

Same Ol Situation

Primal Scream

Looks That Kill

Girls Girls Girls

Dr. Feelgood

Encore – Home Sweet Home

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