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Pearcy falls off stage in Mexico. Corabi to the rescue.

Pearcy falls off stage in Mexico. Corabi to the rescue.


Pearcy center, was "allegedly" too drunk to fight, fuck or sing on Friday nite.

It appears that Ratt ran into some problems in Mexico during Friday nights gig when lead singer Stephen Pearcy could no longer continue.

There is a post on the world famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards and a report on Blabbermouth that is reporting similar details of the debauchery. For the spanish speaking/reading Sludgeaholics, HERE is another review of the show.

Gossip Board Post HERE June 29th 10:04am by: El_Zancudito_Loco

Im not going to make this long…the band started out great but Stephen Pearcy was so drunk he fell off stage about 5 times. About half way through the set he couldnt even stand up….he was just leaning against the amps and justs mumbling the lyrics. Warren Demartini was very pissed off.

They stopped and went backstage only to come out 5 min. later with no Stephen. They just did two more songs with Corabi on vocals and ended the concert.

The crowd was pissed so Corabi came out by himself and played some songs, only ones I recognized were some from MC94. This guy is a class act, he is awesome, after, he went to hang out with the fans and sign autographs.

I talked with the promoter afterwards and he was pissed, he said the guys had a fist fight backstage but he didnt specify who were involved. He did say Pearcy was taken to the hospital.

I didnt mind all the shit that happened since I had already seen Ratt before, I was just laughing my ass off, like many others, at Pearcy since he couldnt stand on his own to feet.


Posted on Blabbermouth HERE June 29th 2008

According to an article published in today’s (June 29) edition of the El Norte newspaper of Monterrey, Mexico, RATT was forced to cut its Friday, June 27 concert in Monterrey short after lead singer Stephen Pearcy appeared to be incapacitated and was unable to complete the concert. At one point, according to the article, Pearcy lost his balance and fell into the crowd before being helped back to the stage by the venue’s security personnel, only to fall backwards. He then got up and resumed singing as if nothing had happened. After performing for about 50 minutes, the band abruptly left the stage and reappeared a few minutes later, this time without Stephen. Rhythm guitarist John Corabi, who is best known for having replaced Vince Neil as the frontman for MÖTLEY CRÜE in the early 1990s, apologized to the crowd and blamed the mishap on "jet lag" before taking over on lead vocals for the set’s closing two numbers — "Body Talk" and "Round and Round".

John Corabi rescued Vince Neil of Motley Crue in a similar situation a few years back. Ratt was the opener, and after Vince was decalred too annihilated to perfrom, they dragged Corabi out of the Ratt dressing room and threw him on stage to sing the Motley hits.

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