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20 Questions with BxF frontman Jesse Blaze Snider.

20 Questions with Jesse Blaze Snider. Dee Snider’s son.


Jesse Blaze Snider wears his father’s colors proudly.

Jesse Blaze Snider has recently been shoved down our throats via the MTV reality show Rock the Cradle. Not to be confused with Rock of Love. For those who were lucky enough to not see this show, it was gayer than gay, and the only reason we’re interviewing Jesse is because his old man was a bad mo fo from back in the day.

Actually, fact is after talking with Blaze (his real middle name) we’ve come to learn that Jesse is not your average punk and has some cool credits to his name. And yes he admits to riding his Father’s coat tails too. 

Enjoy this weeks Sludge.


1.    Have you ever been to Metal Sludge before?

JS: Oh, I’ve been on Metal Sludge before, there is all sorts of negative merriments. I’m like one of the favorite people to be crapped on Metal Sludge actually. But that’s all right, I think I’ve won them over.

MS: You mean on the Gossip Boards?

JS: Yeah, because I’m fricken’ the son of Dee Snider. Everybody wants to tell me that I’m fricken’ riding his coat tails. You know what? They’re finally right. I did.

2.    Tell us about Jesse Blaze Snider and your band Baptized By Fire (BXF)?

JS: I’ve been playing out in the clubs in Long Island, New Jersey, the tri state area building a following for about 6-7 years now. With BxF it’s been about 3 years and we were getting ready, we had demo’d the whole thing, and we were really getting ready to entertain some deals when this offer to do the show came in.

Normally I would never in a million years have done a show like this, a show that was so completely -  you know riding – absolutely riding on my dad’s coat tails, but you know what? I get shit no matter how far I try to distance myself from him. I mean I dropped the Snider for years, and I was just Jesse Blaze and people still gave me shit. And you know what? If I’m gonna get the shit I might as well reap the benefits as well.

3.    How did your spot on Rock the Cradle come about?

JS: I did a show years ago, a documentary show on MTV called Ultra Sound. It was a series of odd topics. And one of them happened to be about the children of rock stars. I was on there with Stephen Tyler’s kids, and John Lennon’s kid and we were all doing different things, and I believe that appearance was the “brain child” for this music competition show. I was a part of the pitch for this show for a few years now. So it’s been about 2 years that I’ve kind of known about it, I just never thought it was gonna happen.


Dee Snider and his son, Jesse Blaze Snider.

4.  Isn’t it safe to say that your Dad’s name did indeed open some doors for you?

JS: Absolutely man, in this world it’s all about who you know. But the thing that people like to forget conveniently, that my Dad’s name might get me the interview, but I have to get myself the job. And everyone wants to go “blah-blah-blah” yeah okay, I got an opportunity – but if I wasn’t good I wouldn’t be where I am. That goes for everything across the board. I’m writing comic books, I’ve got a story coming out Marvel Comics Presents #10 in June, I got a Hulk 1-shot coming out after that, and now DC Comics asked me to do a Batman 1-shot. The bottom line is (pause) I did that. I got these other opportunities because I was good. I have to be a good writer to get more work. You have to be a good musician in order to get more work. Whether these opportunities have come up because I was Dee Snider’s son I took advantage of them and turned them into something. People are gonna think what they think, and I really can’t control it so why the fuck worry about it.

5.   How many people did audition for that MtV show?

JS: You know what I don’t have a real number, I know it was a fair amount, I think they went through somewhere between 50 and 100 kids.

6.    Rate Reality shows 1-10. 1 meaning the show sucks ass, and 10 meaning the show kicks ass.

Survivor = 5

American Idol = 1

MS: Do you think there is any talent on American Idol?

JS: Sure there is, I just don’t give a shit. Can you put Rock the Cradle as a 1? 1 for every  reality show.

MS: Ok. Rock the Cradle = 1

Flava of Love = 1

Making the Band = 1

Rock of Love = 1

JS: The only one I like is America’s Best Dance Crew. Love that show. I’ll give a 10 to America’s Best Dance Crew. I live in New York City so I get to see these street dance crews and I will stop and watch ANY dance crew to see what they got. I’m a gymnast, so I can really appreciate the great physical dancing. I refuse to give money to homeless people, but I give money to any musician and any dance crew in the subway.

Big Brother = 1

MS: You didn’t see last season when Evel Dick won?

JS: Not sure who that is?

MS: He was a Sludgeaholic you know. We thought it was great that this guy named Evel Dick with colored hair, peircings, tattoos, and a fuck you attitude could win such a corporate major network tv show like this.

Tila Tiquilla’s show = I hate that fucking show.

Rock the Cradle = (see above)


Jesse "Elvis" Snider, Lucy Walsh (Joe Walsh’s daughter) and Landon Brown (Bobby Brown’s son) on the set of Rock the Cradle.

7.    Word Association:

Crosby Loggins = Um, (long pause) stiff.

Marilyn Manson = Awesome!

Carl Edwards = I don’t know who Carl Edwards is?

MS: He’s the NASCAR driver that does a back flip off his car every time he wins a race.

JS: Oh yeah? I give him an awesomeness. Well I like him now.

Brad Pitt = Whats a good fricken’ word for him? Bad ass pretty boy.

Chris Daughtry = Perseverance.

Bret Michaels = (starts laughing out loud with passenger in his car)

JS: Lucy Walsh is in the car with me, she says Gay & Bald for Bret Michaels, but that’s not mine. I will say luckiest dude on the planet.

Chris Jericho = Fucking raddest wrestler ever.

Sebastian Bach =  Best pipes in the business.

8.  What member of Twisted Sister is most likely to be an All Star wrestler?

JS: Mark “The Animal” Mendoza.

MS: What TS member is most likely to be a Comic Book Character?

JS: AJ Pero.

MS: Not your Dad?

JS: My Dad already is a comic book character in Strangeland. (laughing)

9. Pick your Poison:

Woman, Blonds or Brunettes = Brunettes

80s Mtv Vjs, Riki Rachtman or Pauly Shore = Paul Shore…No, Riki Rachtman

Thrash bands, Pantera or Metallica = Pantera

80s bands Dokken or Ratt = Tie

MS: We thought you’d say neither and say Twisted Sister.

Rappers, Eminem or DMX = DMX.

MS: But on your myspace Eminem is one of your faves?

I like Eminem too, but DMX is my favorite next to Xihibit.

MS: Ok, how about Pimp my Ride for a reality show 1-10?

JS: I like Pimp my Ride, I’ll give that a 10. I really dig that show.

10. You played in a semi pro football league. Is that an arena league?

JS: It’s semi pro. I’m actually a National Champion semi-pro football player for the Brooklyn Mariners. I been out the past few seasons, coz I fucked up my knee doing back flips on stage with BxF. And then I fucked up my shoulder doing a whole collection of ridiculous things that screwed up my shoulder and had to have shoulder surgery right before the show actually.

MS: What position did you play?

JS: I’m a special team’s guy. I’m the bullet to the ball. I’m not big, so I better be fast.


Jesse in his own words a "gay" shot with sleepy eyes.

11. How do you go from being a football player to a gymnast? Most people would consider gymnastics as being kind of a femme sport.

JS: I always played football. But football and gymnastics were in the same season. I liked to rings, the horse and floor stuff. I loved doing flips but football was always my sport. I’m kind of a little guy at 5’10”  170lbs so it’s not like I can go pro. I did go to some classes, and overtime I started getting really good at flips and stuff and eventually I ended up coaching gymnastics.

MS: Can you do an iron cross on the rings?

JS: You know I’ve never been able to do the cross.


Dee and one of Hells Angels or is it Jesse Blaze Snider?

12.  Which of your Dads band’s (Twisted Sister) songs are your favorites?

JS: “You can’t stop rock n’ roll” is like my favorite song of all time. I find myself singing it to myself all the time. As far as I’m concerned, I’m proof that you can’t stop rock n’ roll, it’s perpetual. And when I have a child, you won’t be able to stop him either. Beyond that “Wake up the sleeping giant” from the “Hot Love” album. The “Hot Love” album is actually one of my favorite Twisted Sister albums. The Widowmaker album “Stand by for pain” is my favorite thing he’s ever done. It’s just unbelievable. The songs on there, the musicianship, Al Petrelli, Joe Franco, it’s just so fucking good. If you can seek out a copy you will not be disappointed.

13. What are your least favorite TS songs?

JS: I’m actually not that fond of most of the “Come out and play” album. I like heavy stuff, but it was a little bit more thrashy then I cared for. I like Twisted when they’re at their most anthemic, which for me is that “You can’t stop rock n’ roll” & “Stay hungry” phase.

14. What is the gayest thing about filming a reality show like Rock the Cradle?

JS: Um, all of the fake drama and controversy. We get along so well. And every week things just kind of got weirder and weirder as they would just kind of fabricate all this fricken’ drama and eventually we all just kind of went “Oh God, whatever.” It got a little weird for a while, and then it got back to being cool. Lucy Walsh and Landon Brown are two of my best friends. Never in a million years did I think I would go on this show and make best friends with anybody. But they are two of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I love them both.


Jesse looking a little bit like a baby Manowar here.

15. Here is a chance to plug 3 local Long Island bands? Buddies who you think deserve a plug on Sludge?

JS: I will plug just one. They’re not super metal, but there is a band called The Mercurial. They are a real blend band. They are kind of coming from that odd, kind of Emo scene but not depressing. It’s up beat and cool. They are such a fucking awesome band. Great performers, great people, an awesome band and I highly recommend everyone check them out. Myspace.com/themercurial

16. What are your favorite current rock bands and your view on rock n’ roll music in today’s climate?

JS: There is so much fucking hate in this world, and as far as rock n’ roll is concerned, we really need to band together. Bands need to stop hating on each other and all the different facets of rock. If it’s rock then support it. Good Charlotte being on TRL is one step closer to Slayer being on TRL. I think everyone wants us (rock n’ roll) to dominate and be what we use to be, but you know what? We’re not gonna get there by trashing each other. We’ll get there by supporting each other. Talk about the bands you like, not the bands you don’t like. Because any rock n’ roll is better than anything else. I’m a huge fan of RISE AGAINST, I love that band. I really like MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, and I really dig NEUROSONIC.

17. What famous actress would you like to bang the shit out of?

JS: Jessica Beil

18. What’s up with talkshoe.com?

JS: I try to do the talk show thing every week, to give back to the people who give back to me. For years I always answered every single piece of myspace mail, unfortunately as time goes along I can’t keep up. So I try to answer as much as I can, so by doing the talk shoe thing it gives me an opportunity to answer a lot of stuff and connect with the fans.

19. The Last of Jesse Blaze Snider..

Last cereal you ate = Reeses Puffs

Last time you lost your voice = first week of Rock the Cradle

Last time you listened to a Widowmaker cd = couple weeks ago

Last time you puked from a work out = never, close though.

Last concert you saw from the crowd = Lucy Walsh

Last time you cried = Lucy Walsh’s departure on the show

Last time you whacked off = Lucy Walsh’s apartment (Lucy starts laughing in the car), no just kidding. Earlier this morning, last time I showered.

Last time you logged on to Metal Sludge = Recently when Weiland and VR had their big debacle.

20. Any parting words or plugs for the ever faithful Sludge audience?

JS: I hope I don’t get torn apart to badly by the Sludgeaholics, I’m sure I will, but we’ll see what happens.

Check out more on Jesse & BXF, his comics and more thru his myspace HERE.

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Jesse Snider and Lucy Walsh!

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