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Sebastian Bach talks about Skid Row re-union.

Sebastian Bach talks about Skid Row re-union.


Is there a reunion in the future for these 5 guys?

Well Van Halen got back together in the last few years, along with most of Ratt and of course now Warrant. Is Skid Row far behind?

The following is from XM Radio’s very own Eddie Trunk.

6/17/08: Lots going on! Just had an interesting interview last night on the XM show with Sebastian Bach. We talked about his upcoming tour with Poison and the reissue of his current Angel Down CD with a bonus DVD. Of course the talk ended up coming around to Skid Row and how Bas is struggling trying to decide if he can move away from those songs now and focus on his solo music, but the demand remains more than ever for people that want to hear him sing things live 18 & Life.

That led to the talk of a Skid Row reunion, which opened a very interesting and revealing can of worms to say the least! In a nutshell Bas said the decision is not up to him and that the other guys own the name. He also said possible obstacles are the fact that Rob Affuso doesn’t really play rock anymore, Snake is now a manager, and Rachel Bolan is stubborn and hates him.

He understands the growing demand for people to see the original Skid Row again as these songs become todays classic rock and doesn’t see it happening, but did not rule it out for good.

Then original Skids drummer Rob Affuso called in. He was called by people listening and heard about what Bas said. Rob made it clear he very much still plays and could fill the gig in a second. He admitted he very much wants a reunion with his old band, said he spoke with Snake about it a couple years ago, and encouraged me and everyone to beat the drum to make it happen while everyone is still alive!

Then I heard from the promoter of Rocklahoma offering major money for a reunion next year! Pretty crazy series of events but Bas is right when he says unless Rachel comes around this is all a waste of everyones breath. Also, VERY IMPORTANT, everyone agrees this has NOTHING to do with the quality of what Bas is doing solo or what the current Skid Row with Johnny Sollinger is doing. I like both very much. But the time is right in my view as well for this great band to kick ass one more time. Skid Row was one of the best bands to come from the 80’s and personally I’d love one more shot to see them original one more time. I think we might see it one day as demand grows, but I doubt any time soon. It was fun to debate though and you can hear the audio here soon and podcast it on www.xmradio.com

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