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3 new Guns n’ Roses songs leaked onto the net.

3 new Guns n’ Roses songs leaked onto the net.


Axl Vs. Ali

Rumor seems to have turned to fact. There are numeorus threads and posts online about new Guns N’ Roses tracks that have seemed to leak to the masses.

Track #1 "Rhiad and the Bedouins"

Track #2
"Message for You"

Track #3 "If the War (End Today)"

Follow the link HERE and there will be talk, gossip, and more with mulitple links to actual downloads for the new songs. Many of the download links have been removed but new links are going up since people are saving to ipods and relinking elsewhere.

Here are some comments below of what Sludgeaholics are saying.

Song#3 is complete shite.

Posted by: LetUsPrey

I didn’t care for "New Song #1" that much upon first listen. I’m on #2 now, and it’s a bit better. I’m a little in shock to just be hearing these.

Posted by: RocketQueen525

I’m holding my breath a little here, but those sound real.

Posted by: Pat’sKingOfSteaks

Listening & downloading simultaneously…so far I kinda dig the 1st trak

Posted by: Smells_Like_Bad_Box

I wish they would get a new singer!

Posted by: acefrehleysbeer

Axl is going to have a hit album on the shelves when he releases it.

No question about it.

Posted by: GoodGirls

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