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Donnie Vie of Enuff Z’nuff: “Im not starved for attention.”

Donnie Vie of Enuff Z’nuff: "Im not starved for attention."


DEAD                                       BRAIN DEAD

It seems that Donnie Vie of Enuff Z’nuff has a beef with some online "kill your idol" magazine, and/or their fan base?

Please be warned. If you are not wearing protective goggles, have an IQ above 10 or simply cannot relate to that "This is your brain on drugs" commercial with the eggs in the frying pan. Then please do not read any further. 

However, if you have horse balls, want a headache, or care to laugh out loud please enjoy. The "kill your idol" fanbase is going to town HERE.

Subject: metal sludgers

Body: you know somthin all you whiney jealous wannabees out there with nothing better to do than to go to that stupid (kill your idol) on line magazine,,,and put people down that you disrespect because what comes so easily to some of us,,all the g.i.t and what have you in the world cant put god given talent in your lame asses.you know nothing about what happened in my career."oh he fucked it up" oh blame blame lame" suck my cock! I love my fans ,i put my blood sweat and tears into every song i write.

Just cause i wear my heart on my sleeve and I write about all the painful shit and mistakes I have made,so that someone out there even if its only one(and I get plenty of thankyous ) can learn from it,or relate to it (so that they know they are not alone) or my biggest hope is that I might possibly prevent them from going down those bumby roads,,,there are those petty enuff to take shots at me and talk all this shit! well,yes I have made so many mistakes(have you not?,are you perfect) but I care so much about people and have so much compassion in my heart,and you obviously havnt listened to the 15 albums full of great songs,(do you have 15 albums ful of great songs,you fucking posers)no you probably got one good song if your lucky. so you are just a shit talking jealous fuck and its so obvious.and I got a pretty good guess who one of you is!these mistakes Ive made,and the drugs ive taken and the loves ive lost and the pain Ive lived are what give me the inspiration for the passionate melodies and lyrics Ive consistantly churned out for the past 20 years,well I thank god every day all day for the abillities Ive been blessed with,and I am my worst critic.

thats why I have such High standards when it comes to making sure there is no filler on these records. my (enuffznuff) fans are the coolest most wonderful dudes and dudeses on the planet.

and Im not starved for attention,my fans (friends)never hesitate to show their graditude and let me know what the shit means to them. Im just fuckin around and being goofy crazy donnie.and they all know it and they are the only ones I care about.(when it comes to what people think.)as for the drugs,,I am drug free now,,I have finally something in my life that has released me from the prison of drugs and lonliness.and Im high on kicking ass now.why dont you just watch and see!and you know what?I give a fuck about millions of dollars,and billions of whore and sluts…that shit dont dont mean shit but help you feel like a big man cause you got small talent and a small cock! Well Imsorry if I got big talent and …….hahahaha.I apollogize to all of you who write me and tell me you miss me and the band just wasnt shit without me…well baby I am back to stay and will make all that up to you ,,coming soon to a theater near you!!!!! the new znuff record is so fucking good it scares me…I cant wait for you pieces of shit to hear it,,I am rubbing my hands together.and to the fans.you deserve the best and thats why this record is titled "album of the year"!! and maybe it wont make album of the year.,,, but when you hear it try to say it aint.

you pathetic crybabies " oh donnie vie this ,,donnie vie that" get a fucking life or better yet go download my shit at Donnievie. com and mabey you will learn something.now excuse me I have to out and beg Brent and the sin city rockers to forgive me for not being able to make the celebrity jam (featuring "piece of shit donnie vie")night last week due to playing a charity bennefit for autistic chidren,,, and hope they let me come up and rock the fucking house.

sincerely THE DONNIE VIE

ps: ive never once even gone to that lame ass page…outraged fans are calling it to my attention,,(be glad you are annonomous ,they would beat you to death)and I only read magazines you buy in the store that come on shiny paper.


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