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Peppermint Creeps statement on Traci Michaelz passing.

Peppermint Creeps issue statement on Traci Michaelz passing.



This comes from the Peppermint Creeps official myspace HERE.

Traci Michaelz 1974 – 2008

Sorry for the delay on posting this…

As you have all heard already, the infamous Traci Michaelz has passed away on tour on Friday the 13th of June in Ft. Worth, TX after a show at Rockstar Sports Bar. The hometown of Vinnie & Dimebag of Pantera, idols of Traci’s.

The cause of death is still unknown. We will not know for a few weeks.

Macy, Billy & myself (Crystal) were with him for 2 weeks on the road. He was the happiest we have seen him in such a long time. He was doing what he loved the most.

Let us put to rest any OD rumors. None of us saw anything but alcohol and yes he was drinking alot, but not unusually for Traci. Anyone who knows him, hung out with him or drank with him, knew his tolerance was high.

He passed out, we put him to bed at 4am. Billy heard him snoring at 6am just before he fell asleep. When we all woke up at 9am he was not breathing anymore. Macy tried to revive him, but he was gone. His energy was gone.

We were only in TX for the day, just long enough to make sure Traci got back to Hollywood, where he belongs. It was the longest, hardest drive that the 3 of us had ever had to do. But, he was right there with us the whole way home.

He came into this world knowing exactly what he wanted to do, never waivering and he went out doing it. He would want us to think of the good times and to keep his memory alive.

He was a bright, shining, shooting star, brilliant and brief that will never fade out!


Traci Michaelz

1974 – 2008

For the record –

We never authorized anyone to make announcements regarding the funeral. They did that to make themselves feel better about how they have been the last 2 years to Traci and his dreams.

That’s it!


Friday, June 20th 2008

Hollywood Forever

at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd.

Hollywood, CA 90038



Service: (closed casket)


Please bring a sticker to place on his casket at the end of the service. If there is anything you want to send with him, please bring it to the viewing.

After Party:


The Rainbow

Sunset Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA

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