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Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland pulls a Axl Rose.

Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland pulls a Axl Rose.


NASA we have a problem!

Opie & Anthony are describing what they saw and heard back stage at this last weekends Stone Temple pilots shows. 

It’s a great listen. Check it out HERE at Foundry Music . com

As always the Gossip Board is booming with great and colorful commentary HERE.

Some of what you’ll read from the fans is below.

Weiland sux, always has, aways will. I wish this guy would hurry up and OD and end up as a cripple. Death is too good for this guy. I hope he ends up in jail and gets ass raped by a couple of ni**ers. I am so glad that Slash and Duff fired his lame ass from VR. FUCK WEILAND

ted by: Sith Lord

When ISN’T Scott fighting with someone? He’s like an unmedicated bipolar female with PMS. And that’s if you catch him on a good day.

Posted by: Serial_Mom

Weiland is an addict who needs to get help. The last thing he needs right now in his life is to be on tour, going from city to city. The DeLeo brothers should have known better that Scott would be clean from beginning to end of this tour.

Posted by: Machado

Slash and Duff must feel really stupid now for quitting GnR thinking they were gonna move on to bigger and better things.

Posted by: King V

Fuck weiland…hes a loser!

Posted by: Burgundytrash

Let’s start the Scott Weiland Death Pool…I say he kicks it be the end of the year.

Posted by: Planet Jendel

scott is a junkie primadonna who has ALWAYS behaved like this. Sober, he’s a self centered miserable prick. All fucked up, he’s a self centered miserable prick with track marks.

Shame on him for ANY of his actions. Lest of which, beating his wife in front of his kids.

He’s an epic cocksucker, with MAJOR issues.

Whomever upthread said he’d be dead by the end of the year, you might be right. And I for one, wouldn’t give a fuck. Lets feed this narcissistic douche bag to the worms.

Fuck him and every self absorbed move he’s made along the way.

STP= Smack Takes Preference

Posted by: Pretty Dead Boy

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