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Journey spoof video, shot for shot of “Separate Ways”

Journey spoof video, shot for shot of "Separate Ways"


Will the real Journey "Separate Ways" group please stand up

Where in the world would we be without the Internet folks? For real.

This stuff is the work of legends. Play this link HERE and watch a spoof of Journey’s video for "Separate Ways". It’s spot on shot for shot.

Then watch it half screen next to the original HERE.

Sadly, these guys were joking around, and Journey were not. Shows you what kind of putsy ass video, and image was taking place 25 years ago.

Kudos to these guys and all the spare fucking time they have. Someone needs to show the world these great finds, and we thank our world famous Metal Sludge Gossip Boards HERE for being an endless supply of entertainment.

Update: Oh no. Don’t click HERE. The guy in the leather jacket playing the roll of Steve Perry is clearly going for an Axl Rose meets Paul Stanley meets Sebastian Bach look. What a fucking stud. Oops, wait, HERE is another. These guys HERE couldn’t afford instruments for their version. This version HERE rocks as it has the original Journey clip in a little picture window bottom right. And another version HERE. Someone kill me, an all kids version HERE.

Help, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, an all fat guy 3-piece version HERE. And it looks like not a one of them is a white guy either. Ok, maybe not fat, but a little thick for playing rock n’ roll.

Its becoming an internet YouTube epidemic.

Again, sadly for Journey it goes to show you how "average" they looked. These guys in these clips could blend in with any Journey video. And this video as well was fairly low budget. Let’s see someone do a remake of Motley Crue’s "Looks that Kill" spot on. Any takers?

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