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“Reckless Road” the Ultimate Guns n’ Roses book!

"Reckless Road" the Ultimate Guns n’ Roses book!


Izzy, Axl & Duff backstage & broke.

Several weeks back I received an advanced copy of "Reckless Road" in the ever so popular Metal Sludge PO Box. I have to say we get crap all day everyday, but today was different. I couldn’t help but say "Holy Fuck" upon opening this package!

Without further babble, check this out.


Axl & Slash!

Slash_Blue_2.jpg Axl_Old_2.jpg

Slash = Blue Nail Polish!         Axl Rose = Red Nut Sack Hair.

There are hundreds and hundreds of photos, interviews, and information that every hard core Gn’R fan will love. Order NOW @ www.RecklessRoad.com

A special thanks and shout out to Marc & Jason for the copy.

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