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Bret Michaels comes clean on what’s under the headband!

Bret Michaels comes clean on what’s under the headband


Rikki, Bobby, CC & Bret Michaels of Poison.


Bret Michaels comes clean on what’s under the head band, well almost!

Bret recently did an interview with the AP, and one of the questions asked of the "Rock of Love" reality TV star and Poison frontman was the following:

AP: What are you hiding under the bandanna?

Bret: My hair is combined of my hair and the finest extensions Europe has to offer. I do the show without it on all the time and they won’t film me. They are like, "Put your bandanna back on. It is your image." It is my signature thing.

Here is the link to a Dallas News article HERE.

The million dollar question is what is the percentages of each.

Is it a 50/50 split, or is it more like 80/20. Meaning, 80% synthetic horse tail, and 20% scalp fuzz holding the horse weave in place. Also known as a Skullet.

But hey, who is Metal Sludge to call out a head band wearing balding 80s rock singer. Right? But then again, that was the purpose of this site to begin with. To call the shots as we see them. There is a laundry list a mile long of the hair farmers that have been challenged for more than a decade now.

See our catalog of candid and not so candid shots of Mr. Michaels from recent years. It’s not only clear to see that he’s wearing extensions in some of these, but it’s also clear to see that his hair dresser forgot to trim some of these weaves in.


Someone forgot to trim these extensions. Bret with his edgy braid look.


More hair than he had in the "Cry Tough" video in ’86. 

Metal Sludge has captured Bret without the headband, hat  or extensions.

If you have the guts to see what’s REALLY under all those accessories, then click HERE now. Or if you believe in Santa Claus, then click HERE to see Bret with all his REAL hair flowing long and thick. 

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