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“Rock of Love” Reunion show with Riki Rachtman (Video)

"Rock of Love" Reunion show w/ host Riki Rachtman


The Riki Springer Show?

The second season of "Rock of Love" is finished but the reunion show with the whole cast of crazy bitches will air this Sunday night (April 20th) on Vh1.

This years reunion show will once again be hosted by the one and only Riki Rachtman. Shameless plug from Metal Sludge to sell Cathouse swag HERE.

Fans on the Metal Sludge Gossip Boards are already picking apart the season of ROL2. They have also begun commenting on the brawl that took place during the filming of the reunion between Daisy & Heather.  So in Sludge style we’re presenting a sneak preview cideo clip and the fight card below for the event.


Daisy De La Hoya                                Heather Chadwell

Age: 25                                                      Age: 32

Height: 5′ 3"                                               Height: 5′ 7"

Weight: 98lbs                                           Weight: Cruiser

Hair Extensions: You think?                   Hair Extensions: Of course.

Boobs: Saline Implants                            Boobs: D-Cup Implants

Smokes/Drinks: Yes                                    Smokes/Drinks: Yes

Hometown: Denver, CO                          Hometown: Columbus, OH

     Tattoo Count: Infinite                           Tattoo: Bret’s name on neck

Famous Relative: Oscar De La Hoya             Famous for: Rock of Love

Occupation: Stripper                                        Occupation: Stripper

MySpace: Go
HERE                                    MySpace: Go HERE

To watch the Heather Vs. Daisy "Jerry Springer" style fist fight preview from the reunion show click
HERE now.

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