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Alcoholica “Drink ‘em All” T-shrit offer.

Alcoholica "Drink ‘em All" T-shrit offer.


Perfect for the heavy drinking hesher in you.

Are you white trash? Do you drink beer daily and have long greasy hair? Anyone remember the awesome Metallica tribute band Alcoholica? Well if you

answered yes to any of these questions then read on.

Brief history. Alcoholica was formed in the San Fernando Valley in the 90s and played many West Coast club gigs thrashing about for years. The band landed the "Back to Basics" US tour with Limp Bizkit and eventually all went their seperate ways. 

Fast forward. The T-shirts are here and still available.

Order this T-shirt today and wear it proud to your local watering hole, tip back a cold one, and DRINK ‘EM ALL.

Available in Large & X-Large ONLY. $ 15.00 BUY NOW

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