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20Qs Pt. 2 w/ “Rock of Love” star Daisy De La Hoya!

20Qs Pt. 2 w/ "Rock of Love" star Daisy De La Hoya!


"I have this HUGE dildo, it’s called a black mambo." Daisy

Metal Sludge is back with Part Two of our lengthy interview with "Rock of Love" star Daisy De La Hoya. Daisy is the runner up to "Rock of Love" winner Ambre, but we want to tell Daisy right here – she is Metal Sludge’s favorite.

Without any further babble from the Sludge, if you have not already done so – go read Part One HERE and then enjoy Part Two below.

MS:  Pick your Poison..

Burger King or MacDonalds = MacDonalds. A cheeseburger, happy meal.

MS: Ok. With a toy?

D: Of course. That’s why I get the happy meal.

MySpace or Face Book = MySpace

Silicone or Saline =  Saline. (laughing)

MS:  Why are you laughing?

D: Well I say saline because I have saline. (more laughing)

White Lion or Whitesnake = White (pauses) Snake.

Boxing or Ultimate Fighting = Boxing. Hello?


MS:  What weighs more 25 lbs of guitar & bass strings or 25 lbs of headbands and cowboys hats?

D: Headbands and cowboys hats.

MS: 25 pounds of Headbands and cowboys hats weigh more?

D: Yes.

MS:  Okay

MS:   What reality TV show is more ridiculous than Rock of Love 2 and why?

D: Well does Jerry Springer count?

MS: Well yeah, if that’s your answer.

D: Because they don’t have the hot chicks and the hot rocker so..

MS:  Name your Top 5 favorite songs to strip to?

D: Okay. I like Dr.Feelgood. um, Britney Spears.

MS: Britney Spears, really? What song?

D: Um, Give me more.

MS: Thought you were gonna say Britny Fox.

D: No. Talk Dirty to Me, Nothin’ but a Goodtime, UnSkinny Bop,  & Kick Start My Heart!


Will the real Daisy De La Hoya please play a G chord?

MS:  What was the grossest thing that any of the other girls did during filming that we didn’t get to see?

D: Ok seriously I shared a room with Destiny, Jessica, and Meghan.  And Destiny liked to go to the bathroom in front of everyone in our room.

MS: Which number?

D: All!

MS: All? (laughing)

D: All of the above and that to me was (pause) that was really disgusting to me. Because I like my privacy and she was definitely very (pause) the exhibitionist.

MS: So that was the grossest thing, her shitting in front of people.

D: Yeah.

MS: What was the grossest thing Bret did?

D: (laughing) Took his bandanna off.

MS:  Okay (huge burst of laughter). Now we’re going to mention a few quotes from our Gossip Boards and you give us your feedback to these comments.

When Daisy speaks, it already sounds like she has a dick in her mouth.”

(Posted by:
Aquanetsuperhold on March 28th)

“They’re all totally nuts. I hope he picks Big John.”

(Posted by:
Einstein on March 30th)


Daisy De La Dirtball?

MS: So what do you have to say about people saying you sound like you have a dick in your mouth, or that Bret should pick Big John cause you’re all nuts?

D: That’s why I got my lips done, because I wanted dicks in my mouth.

MS: (laughter erupts)

D: I have nice DSL’s (dick sucking lips),  dick pillows, whatever. And I guess I was just practicing then, if that’s what it sounds like. I guess I’m always practicing, always trying to better my dick sucking skills.

As far as Bret picking Big John over (pause) you know I am crazy. I’m not gonna lie you know I’m definitely (pause) crazy but that’s okay.

I think he could’ve already picked Big John many times. It’s not fair because Big John is always there, so he should give somebody else a chance.

MS: Has Daisy De La Hoya ever…

Puked during sexual intercourse = Not yet.

Punched Oscar De La Hoya = No (laughing) not yet.

Took it up the poop shoot = Not that I remember

Helped spot Charles on a bench press = Unsuccessfully., yes I guess I have.

Deep throated a banana for practice = Of course. Who hasn’t?

Went down on another girl = Never.

Farted on the set of Rock of Love = probably like once, maybe.ish.

MS: You farted around Bret on your first solo date?

D:  (laughing) Yeah, exactly. I wanted to get it all out in the open. I didn’t want to hide anything.

Did a sex act for money = Well does stripping count?

Wanted to change your name to Daisy Joe = Everyday.

MS:  What looks more realistic up close, Bret’s hair or CC’s teeth?

D: CC’s teeth, I love his teeth, I think they are beautiful.

MS: So CC’s teeth look more realistic than Bret’s hair?

D: Yes. every day of the week. Hands down, they are the winner.




MS:  Have you ever been with Bret in a hot tub or shower, and if his hair gets wet does it smell like a horse hair blanket?

D: Yes. (laughter)

MS:  Word Association:

Big John = Hairy

CC DeVille = Awesome

Kid Rock = Gross

Kat Von D = This isn’t fair. I don’t know her. (laughing) Luckiest bitch ever.

Riki Rachtman = Beautiful

Bret Michaels = Fabulous

Charles Edward = Nikki Sixx

Rikki Rockett =Bad hair

Oscar De La Hoya = Fish nets

MS: Fish nets?

D: Yeah.

MS:  The last of Daisy De La Hoya?

Last cereal you ate… Life. Cinanmon Life.

Last concert you saw live… Avenged Sevenfold.

Last time you cried… Like, right before this interview.

MS: Really?

D: Yeah, I have a tear duct problem.

MS: Were you crying or sad crying?

D: Yeah, it probably was before this interview. I’m a very emotional person.

Last time you shaved your bush… A day ago.

MS: No waxing?

D: I can’t do waxing because I can’t let it grow out that long and it really hurts.

Last CD you purchased… i think it was Sixx AM

Last drug you took… Blow

Last time you broke paper… (long pause) I don’t know what that means.

MS:  You don’t know what that means?

D:  No.

MS: That means when you’re wiping your finger breaks through the paper and goes into the poop.

D: Oh my goodness. NEVER! (heavy laughter) That was just wrong.

Last time you masturbated…Like 3 days ago.

MS: Did you use something?

D:  Of course I have this HUGE dildo, it’s called a black mambo.

MS: Last time you visited Metal Sludge.tv.

D: Yesterday.

MS: Anything else to plug?

D: Everyone should check me out at http://www.myspace.com/daisyrocksmusic

If anyone is interested in me doing an appearance to come and act ridiculous at a club or a party, please contact my agent Mike Esterman at esterman@mindspring.com

I also have a new show that is in the works, so stay tuned for more Daisy madness.

And always remember, that I love you all. Daisy.

We send out a HUGE thanks to Daisy De La Hoya for subjecting herself to our Sludge interview. Watch for Daisy in the future.

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