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20 Questions with Daisy De La Hoya from Rock of Love 2.

20 Questions with Daisy De La Hoya from Rock of Love 2.


Daisy lying on a dirty floor. Perfect!

What can we say but, it’s been a long time since Metal Sludge has featured a 20 Questions interview. It’s time to let the Sludge fly and fire it up again and what better way to kick it back into gear then with Daisy De La Hoya from Rock of Love 2.

Incase you’ve been hiding under a rock (or a really bad hair system) for the last year, than you should be well aware of Vh1’s hit reality show "Rock of Love" with celebrity super star glam god Bret Michaels of Poison.


Metal Sludge:  Tell us about you, your music, and your modeling?

Daisy: I am a very neurotic crazy person. And I’ve been doing music for about four years. I started off playing bass guitar in a band called Seraphim Shock. Then I decided it was time to move on from that and started doing my own solo stuff which is me singing. It’s sort of a mixture. If Madonna and Motley Crue had a baby, I guess it would be Daisy.

As far as my modeling goes, I love getting dressed up and I love you know posing for the camera and everything like that. And I try to keep it as raunchy as possible.

MS: You’re kind of a raunchy ham then?

D: Yes (laughing) I like to push the envelope.



Suck it!? Shame on you – you filthy little bitch!


MS: What’s up with you and Charles Edwards and the band Seraphim Shock?

D: I met Charles a long time ago when I was about 19 years old, and believe it or not I was a bigger train wreck then than I am now. And he sort of took me under his wing. We started dating and I actually started off as a dancer for his band and then I made the transition to bass. I pretty much bluffed that I could play it, but then I did play it and learned everything on my own. Then we went on tour and everyone seemed to love me and the rest is sort of history from there. Then it came to a point where you really shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Especially in rock n’ roll.  Eventually I just had to do my own thing and so here I am.

MS: What do you mean by Bigger Train wreck back then?

D: Well I just had broken up with this guy, and I had been living on my own since I was like 15. So I sort of hooked up with this guy along the way and sort of became comfortable with him. I was going to school. I was working at like Hot Topic and had a cute little life and then we broke up and he booted me out.  I had to quit school and quit everything, and sorta figure out how I was going to survive because I didn’t have any family to help me out. I was just emotionally devastated that this guy had broken up with me.  So I wanted to blow up his car, and I was just really pissed off, I just could not understand. (laughter)

MS: You worked at a Hot Topic?

D: Yes, I worked at Hot Topic.

MS: Did you have a colored streak in your hair?

D: Oh my goodness are you kidding me. At the time that Charles had met me, and this is the way I use to look. At the top of my head, my bangs were completely shaved off.  And then I had blue dreadlocks and had in-between my eyes pierced, on the bridge of my nose, and I had my septum pierced. I was very very gothic.  Pale as fuck and did not want to associate with anyone that was as cool as me.

MS: Sounds kind of gnarly.

D: Yes, I was pretty hardcore. So yeah I was just a big train wreck. I didn’t have any furniture, and because I was so lonely and sad I had let my best friend move in. Ya see I have a history of this. I let this guy move in, who was totally my friend. Just because I wanted somebody to be there in the house with me coz I was so afraid. I let him move into my room and take over with all of his friends while I slept in the living room on the floor. They would party all the time, and they totally took over my apartment. One of his friends was trying to grow pot in my closet. (laughter) But I was cool about that because they are my friends and I didn’t want to be alone. Then Charles was like:  “What the fuck are you doing?”

MS: Are you or were you a dancer/stripper?

D: Yes I have been a dancer

MS: How did you get involved in that?

D: When I met Charles he had suggested that I should do dancing. I think it was sorta something that I always thought was just gonna happen anyways. I don’t know (pause) sort of like pre-determined.

MS: It pays better than Hot Topic right?

D:  It does pay better than Hot Topic. (laughing) At that the time I was working at Hot Topic, and I was also working at a porn shop. A graveyard shift and I’m just this little 18 year old girl from Midnight til eight in the morning selling porn to perverts. And I was barely making anything. So Charles knows a lot of girls who had been dancers, and it was something I was thinking about anyway. So I decided to audition at some places and I got hired but I didn’t know what I was doing. I showed up whenever I wanted to, and one day they asked: “Who are you?” (laughing)

MS: You didn’t know what to do? It’s really not that hard of a job is it. You just take your clothes off right?

D: You would think that it’s not, but they should seriously have a school for stripping. There is a lot of logistics in it.  There is a game and there is sort of a format that you should learn, that makes you a better dancer at least from my perspective.  You can really make a fucking ton, an ass load of money. I didn’t know any of this. And I still was looking like the biggest freak ever so I couldn’t even believe that I was making money to begin with. So they fired me and I went to this other club “Shotgun WIlleys.”  It’s world famous, a ton of celebrities, rock stars go in there, everyone. Sting was in there for days at a time, which was pretty creepy.

MS: Who were the 3 most famous people you lap danced for?

D: I haven’t done lap dances for famous people, most of them don’t get lap dances, they just hang out.  But I’ve met Zakk Wylde, he was pretty crazy, I met Charles Barkley and he was sort of a jerk. I don’t remember anyone else, I don’t usually pay attention because I have my own ego going on.

So, when I started dancing at “Shotgun WIlleys” they have sort of transformed me into what I’ve become now. I owe them everything. I owe them my life.

MS: And what have you become now, what have you transformed into?

D: When I first started dancing I never thought of myself as being sexy, or cute or anything. And not that I do now, because I still think I need a lot of work. (laughing)

But it sort of broke me out of my shell and really….um, I sort of..you see I do have anxiety, I have a hard time talking and communicating with people. So it sort of forced me to have to talk to people, obviously men.  So they could give me money. I really just refined myself as a person and it gave me a lot of confidence and now I can bullshit anyone. Sort of like I’m doing right now.

MS: Your bullshitting me?

D: (laughing) Just kidding. No but it gave me a lot of confidence and has afforded me a ton of stuff in my life.


Stripper? No, not with your panties half off.

MS:  How did your position in Rock of Love 2 evolve did you audition or what?

D: I watched the first season and I’m obviously a huge Poison fan. I saw Lacey on there, and I knew her because we had a brief history, not anything important though. I just thought it was the coolest show I had ever seen when I saw the previews for it. So I watched it religiously and I knew there was gonna be a second season. So after I saw the show I thought Bret Michaels was an awesome person, he was really down to earth, not just an egotistic maniac, and I thought he had a heart somewhere.

So then I went online and found Jess the winner from last year on MySpace and then I found a casting director named Brandon. I contacted him and asked if he was casting for anything I’d love to be a part of it. He responded and said yes we’re doing Rock of Love 2. So I put together this really cheesy video tape, and made up this song and sent it to him. They contacted me a few days later and said they really liked me and that I’d be perfect for the show. Then they sent me this big giant packet of info. I had to fill out, and I sent that back. Then they said: “Okay, now you need to go to the Doctor.” And make sure I don’t have any diseases or something. Then once I was all good there it just all happened so fast. I barely even had time to seriously think about what I was getting myself into. I was like wow, I just watched this show, and now I’m going to be on it. Next thing I knew I was flying my ass out to LA.


Dumb & Dumber. Jessica and Daisy from Rock of Love 2.

MS:  Rate these Rock of Love bitches on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a street walkin’ skank  and a 10 being a Playboy Playmate. 5 of the girls are from Rock of Love 1 (ROL1) and 5 are from Rock of Love 2 (ROL2).

Lacey ROL1 = I rate her as a 7, a 7 or an 8. She’s really a sweetheart.

Jess ROL1 = I don’t know her, but I would rate her as a 10. She’s beautiful.

Destiny ROL2  = I’m gonna say 6.5. I think she’s an awesome person, but at the same time she was a bitch to me, so she only gets a 6.

Aubrey ROL2 = I’m sorry I’m just gonna have to say a 4 because, she’s weird.

Rodeo ROL1 = Rodeo was awesome, I’m gonna say an 8. She has a good heart.

Amber ROL2 = (Laughing) I’m gonna say like a 1.

MS: Why do you say 1 for Amber:

D: Cause I don’t like her. She’s like Martha Stuart, aka Anchor Woman and I don’t like that.

MS: She’s kind of an old hag?

D: An old hag, exactly.

Magdalena ROL1 = I’m gonna say a question mark,  coz I have no clue as to who the fuck that it.

MS: Isn’t she the one with the man’s voice from ROL1?

D: I don’t know, I don’t even remember that person.

Kristy Jo ROL2 = I’m gonna give her like a 2, I think she’s a skank coz she’s married.

MS: Any other comments on her?

D: I think she’s beautiful. But she’s a beautiful skank.

Angelique ROL2 = I’m gonna give her an 8. Simply because I think it takes a lot of guts to go and do what she’s done. And she’s French so you can’t really blame her for her…you know…she comes from a different country.

MS: You mean because it sounds like she has a bag of shit in her mouth when she talks?

D: It’s not really her fault, she’s French!

MS: Okay, the last girl to rate 1 to 10 is Heather!

Heather ROL1 = I’m gonna say a minus 10, cause I think she’s the skankiest, crustiest, old hag stripper on the Planet. And I hate her.

MS: Awesome answer!

D: I literally hate her. All the other girls joking aside, you know whatever, but her, wait until you see the re-union show because (pause) I hate her.


Bret "I’m also a client" Michaels and Daisy De La Hoya!

MS:  You said on Rock of Love you “hooked up” with Bret 500 times, does “hook up” mean banged his brains out, and what Rock Star do you want to bang but haven’t yet? Please elaborate on both.

D: Okay I was being sarcastic (about hooking up with Bret 500 times) to be honest with you. I knew it would get under Heather’s skin. And I thought who the fuck asks that question. Only because she’s curious and she’s fucking jealous. Me and Bret we did hook up, I’d say, 2, 3 times…ish. And ya know I haven’t actually banged a lot of rock stars. I’ve made out with some of them, but I haven’t banged them (laughing). I’ll just go there (more laughter). I’m just not that girl, I’m sorry, I’m just not. I’m the rock star a little bit. The rock star who I’d really like to fuck his brains out would be Nikki Sixx.


Nikki: "Hey honey wanna make out?"

Daisy: "No, let’s just fuck instead!"

MS: Does that mean you wanna make out with him too?

D: No. I don’t wanna make out with him. I don’t want any kissing involved. I just want to fuck him. No kissing, just fucking!

MS: What girl would you most want to bang from the Rock of Love cast?

D: I don’t like girls. But if I did, I would say (pauses) I’m not gonna lie, Kristy Jo is a cute girl, umm, but otherwise Jess. I mean I was rooting for her. I think it should be me, Kristy Jo and Jess in an orgy, or me, Jess and Bret in a orgy.

MS:  What Rock of Love girl would you most like to beat the shit out of if you could and get away with it?

D: I would say a lot of them (laughing). Ambre, um, well we obviously all know how the Heather thing turned out. If we could tie Heather down, then I would definitely like to stab her in the eye with a stiletto.

MS: She’s a little bigger than you right?

D: She is, I mean come on, it’s just not fair, I’m really little (5’3” & 100lbs) and she’s like a big giant man. She’s a Bret Michaels wanna be.

For more info. on Daisy go to http//:www.myspace.com/daisyrocksmusic

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Stay tuned for Part two next week when the Sludge really starts to fly along with headbands, hats and some other goodies? We promise you, it’s gonna get nasty and down right brutal.

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