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A fan asks: “Are the guys in ANTHRAX all millionaires?”

A fan asks: "Are the guys in ANTHRAX all millionaires?"


Is Scott Ian of ANTHRAX a Millionaire? Fans wanna know.

Sometimes the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Board just needs to be front page and get the props it deserves.

Why? Why not. Read THIS for a laugh or two.

There are some very briliant music critics and fans that are surrounded by complete idiots on our message boards. And then there are some who are just like lost little puppies. You can’t help but smile and laugh at them.

Are the guys in ANTHRAX all millionaires? Asking that is almost as rediculous as the people who say: "That’s Bret Michaels real hair!"

We’ll let the members of the community help decide this one.

uh……..no. :)

Comment by: Pimp_From_The_Grave

I doubt they’re even $100,000-aires.

Comment by: JeffESP

Not even on paper? I mean some of them live in New York where it’s not hard to own a small house that can be worth half a million easy. Then with some more $$$$ in the bank……

Comment by: parasite74

Maybe on paper some members might be in the ball park of high six figures, but i doubt any of them are millionaires.

If they put some cash back from the day, and invested it wisely, i’m sure they’re okay.

But fuck them anyway. :)

Comment by: Pretty Dead Boy

A person’s "Net worth", by definition, does not include his/her’s primary residence.

Anthrax… Not a chance in hell they are millionaires.

Comment by: Metaltildoomsday

Not even close!

Comment by: bluetrain

I am betting Scott Ian is. He gets bank for all his VHI crap, and Anthrax is ALWAYS playing somewhere. He’s also not stupid. I am sure he banked some cash from the short lived glory days.

Comment by: genedemon69

Wow. What a shock! A KISS fan to the rescue of Scott Ian. Can you say Jackass?

I thought I read here or somewhere that a divorce wiped him out and he was living on someone’s couch for awhile.

Comment by: ijwthstd

The "net equity" that one has in their house is a part of "net worth".

Comment by: jizzdonor

If $cott got a dollar for everytime his face was on VH1 he should be

Comment by: SlayerNPG

VH1 doesn’t pay shit. For anybody.

Comment by: Jack Drugless

And, he’s got Meatloaf for a father-in-law. That guy’s got some money.

Comment by: DavidLeeLarsUlrichRoth

That don’t mean dick. Meatloaf has been bankrupt himself.

Comment by: hairbangersball

scott ian’s jewish.

draw your own conclusions

Comment by: Kid Wicked

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