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Queeny Blast Pop get a record deal about 20 years late?

Queeny Blast Pop get a record deal?


Tele Tubbies on drugs with serious gender issues.

Queenty Blast Pop with a record deal? Well not really, but some indy label feels the world needs their demo recordings from upwards of 20 years ago released to the masses. Or maybe their few dozen die hard fans that are left from Temecula to Tokyo cant stand not having these fruit ghouls in their Ipods.

Wait a second. You’re asking WHO THE FUCK IS QUEENY BLAST POP? Well a former long standing member of the ever popular Pretty Boy FLoyd was a founding member of QBP. Leslie Sanders, is QBP bassist and went onto tour extensively with PBF and his side project City Girts Boys.  Les is the pink and red monster in the back.

Look for a full fledged reunion to stop at Rocklahoma, Donnington and maybe even Rock n’ Rio. Or just the Cat Club some Sunday this summer.

Bring Back Glam of course was ALL OVER this exciting news a few weeks back See below.


Queeny Blast Pop

Posted on Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 12:01AM by Allyson | 1 Comment There is some good Glam news straight off the Sunset Strip today. My friend Gerry Gittleson tells me that the band Queeny Blast Pop is back – with a new record contract. The band just signed with Retrospect Records. I am going to assume that the band will play Retrospect’s stage at Rocklahoma – but that is only a hunch, so don’t quote me on that one!

Anyway, Gerry managed Queeny Blast Pop back in the day. If looking at a picture doesn’t confirm the band’s Glamness, then the fact that Lesli Sanders – also of Pretty Boy Floyd – formed Queeny Blast Pop should confirm the Glam goodness.  The new self-titled album of old material (the band only released demos – not an actual album) will feature these songs:

1. Forever

2. Somethin’ They Don’t Know

3. I Know What You’re Thinkin’

4. So Kid

5. Crazy

6. Keep On Fallin’ For You

7. The Last Time (Live)

8. The Blue Song (Live)

Gittleson swears up and down Queeny Blast Pop is one of the best Glam

bands he’s ever heard. People – he loves Glam as much as we do!  Yes, Queeny Blast Pop has a Myspace page so you can check out some of the tunes in advance of the album release. Just click here to listen.

And more online press from Melodic Rock . com below.


Gerry Gittelson, well-traveled rock journalist with the Los Angeles Daily News and a former Sunset Strip impresario in the late 1980s and early 1990s, reports Queeny Blast Pop has signed a record contract with Las Vegas-based Retrospect Records, a top up-and-comer. Gittelson was the manager of Queeny Blast Pop, a top Hollywood band back in the day that included bass player/songwriter Lesli Sanders, who would go on to play with Pretty Boy Floyd, Marky Ramone and others. The songs on the self-titled CD: 1, Forever, 2, Somethin’ They Don’t Know, 3, I Know What You’re Thinkin’, 4, So Kid, 5, Crazy, 6, Keep On Fallin’ For You, 7, The Last Time (Live), 8, The Blue Song (Live).

"Queeny Blast Pop is one of the best Glam bands I’ve ever heard — and I’ve heard them all," Gittelson said. "People have been waiting a long time to hear Queeny Blast Pop on CD instead of the thousands of copies of copies of copies of demo tapes that have floated around. I just want people to enjoy the music, and here’s our chance."

For info. on QBP please visit http://www.myspace.com/queenyblastpop

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