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Sebastian Bach responds to radio incident in Dallas.

Sebastian Bach responds to radio incident in Dallas.


"I am not in SKID ROW. I was fired from the band in 1996." Baz

Baz has spoken up and cleared some of the air surrounding the incident that happened on a Dallas morning radio show. It was reported on Blabbermouth and Sludge jump on it 
HERE with our report.

The following statement from Sebastian Bach was released to BLABBERMOUTH earlier today (Tuesday, December 11):

"ALL of [the above] is true EXCEPT and this is a big ‘except’ THERE WAS NO SKID ROW POSTER ON THE STUDIO WALL!!! ALL OF THIS IS TRUE except where it says ‘apparently!!!’ [referring to the original BLABBERMOUTH story that stated Bach ‘apparently’ slapped the SKID ROW poster on the wall — Ed.] That’s why it says ‘apparently!!’ Because ‘apparently’… this is bullshit!


"Sorry to let the truth get in the way of this ‘story,’ but: There was NO ‘SKID ROW‘ poster on the wall of this studio.

"Here is the truth of what happened:

"I flew to Texas to do radio interviews from New Jersey. Drove four hours to Dallas from San Antonio the night before this radio show. Got up at 5:30 a.m. to be in the hotel lobby at 6:30 a.m. On the air live in the studio at 7 a.m. Yes, I can get up at that hour. Dunno if I can really be ‘awake,’ but I can ‘get up.’ I am totally happy to do it. Happy to be given the opportunity to play ‘Angel Down’ for people; after all I worked on the CD for seven years. Appreciative to The Bone radio station for giving me the chance to get the word out on the new stuff! After all, that’s why I flew to Texas and drove four hours to get up at 5:30 in the morning.

"When I get to the studio, I am directed to sit in one specific chair. In front of my chair is a webcam, focused on my chair only, streaming the interview live across the Internet, I am told. Behind my chair only, on an easel, is a SKID ROW promo poster. The poster is fastened to the easel, for this interview only, placed behind my chair, so that on the webcam/live Internet broadcast, the ‘SKID ROW‘ logo is directly above my head, with my old bass player and guitar player’s faces (from 1991) on either side of my face (in 2007!). To the left and right of my head. Almost as big as my own face!

"The DJ walks over to me, and the first thing she says to me is: ‘Well, we’re coming out of the commercial break, I have the SKID ROW all queued up, we’ll come out of the commercial, go straight into SKID ROW, and…’

"There is only one problem. I am not in SKID ROW. I was fired from the band in 1996.

"So I politely, but firmly, say, ‘I don’t want to play SKID ROW.’ I have no problem with anyone playing SKID ROW. But I don’t have to be there for it. The reason I flew to Texas, and drove here from San Antonio, is because I have spent seven years working on a new CD called ‘Angel Down’. Would it be possible if we could please play a song off the new CD?

"Before I sit down in my chair, I gently turn around the easel placed behind my head for the web broadcast. Being a collector of vintage rock artifacts myself, I was careful not to rip, or damage in any way, this cool, collectible poster. No ‘SKID ROW‘ poster was apparently ‘slapped on the wall’…… because there was NO ‘SKID ROW‘ poster hanging on the wall!!!

"The TRUTH is: Legally, I am not allowed to say or use the name ‘SKID ROW.’ This is ‘SKID ROW”s decision. Not mine. This is a legal issue, not me ‘throwing a tantrum’ or me showing symptoms of ‘Lead Singer’s Disease.’ I have been told by ‘SKID ROW”s lawyers to not use the name ‘SKID ROW.’ So I do what I am legally bound to do…. I legally cannot do a web broadcast with their logo over my head. So I simply turn the easel around, sit down in my chair, and try and shift the coversation into the year 2007.

It’s not easy.

"It actually turned into a cool interview.

"I had a great time at The Bone.

"What you don’t read on the Internet: After the interview was done, I turned the easel back around and autographed the SKID ROW poster, to Cindy, the DJ. She was very appreciative, and nice.

"I will always love the work I did in SKID ROW. But I have not been in that band since 1996. 11 years. It’s time to move on."

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