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LA Guns’ wallets stolen at show in Dayton Ohio.

LA Guns’ wallets stolen at show in Dayton Ohio.


A message to the thief from Tracii Guns!

Update: The Promoter for the LA Guns show checks in on theft.

From: Transfusionrec@

Sent: Friday, December 07, 2007 5:03 PM

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Subject: LA Guns fiasco in dayton


My name is Paul Riley. Promoter for the Dec.6th LA Guns show at Mcguffys. I am writing today to apologize to LA Guns, and the fans who attended the show.

I first want to apologize to Tracii and the guy’s for the lack of security on the dressing room area. This was 100% my fault for not having another head at there door or at the least putting a lock on the door for them. I have been doing this for 5 years and have never had a issue like this so it never even crossed my mind that some ass clown would do something like this. For ALL future event’s handled by Trans-Fusion Ent. there will be extra security on the dressing room. This will not happen again, and it’s easy to make sure of that.

Next I want to apologize to the fans that came to the show. the show ended early and people had to stand around waiting to leave. Seeing Tracii put in the cop car for disorderly conduct must have been hard for his true fans and for all this I am truly sorry. And you have my word that it will never go down like this again.

On the up side all the stolen items were recovered and the ass clown who took everything is now sitting in jail. Seems fitting as this person had just been released from PRISON less than 48 hours from all this going down.

For a complete list of upcoming events please go to www.myspace.com/cincytransfusion

Paul Riley / Trans-Fusion Prod.

According to a Post & Review HERE at BringBackGlam.com the Tracii Guns version of LA Guns played "McGuffy’s" in Dayton Ohio and after their set came to find they had been ripped off. See below.

Right after the band played "Electric Gypsy" they left the stage to presumably prepare for their encore. Just as Paul Black started to introduce the band, drummer Chad Stewart took center stage…and announced that someone had stolen wallets and cash. Confusion ensued, with audience members looking around and security trying to, evidently, "catch the thief (or thieves)."

It seems the theft occured while the band was performing.  

Upon Chad’s demands, the doors to McGuffy’s were locked and no one entered or left. Then, more confusion as band members walked from the dressing room (where they had left their wallets and other personal items) across the stage, through the bar. Singer Paul Black looked hurt as did bassist Jeremy Guns. As for guitarist Tracii…well, you could tell he was ready to put the smack down.

There was a scuffle at the back of the bar (not so far from where I was standing) and then later a page for the owner of a red pick-up truck. Riverside, Ohio police responded…the audience members were allowed to leave and the bar closed early. On our way out, cops said they had "everything they needed in back of the bar." To me, this means they captured the low-life scum that tried to steal from a glam band, working hard to make a living. I don’t suffer fools or thieves and if I knew the person’s identity…or had their mugshot, I’d post it here.

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