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FREE CDs from Metal Sludge when you order a shirt

FREE CDs from Metal Sludge! 

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Order a Sludge shirt today and you might find yourself rubbing shoulders with big stars like Warren DeMartini, Michael Monroe, or Scott Ian.


Metal Sludge would you like to give you a FREE CD? It’s simple, we’ve done this in the past – here’s how it works.

Buy ANY Metal Sludge T-shirt, and you get your choice of a FREE CD from Metal Sludge. Courtesy of Spit Fire Records, Deadline Cleopatra, Liquor & Poker, RLS Records, and a host of other cool indy labels.

Make sure to list your top 3 choices in the "Special Instructions” section.

We’ll do our best to get you your #1 choice, but be sure to list a 2nd and 3rd choice, or we’ll be forced to make your choice for you.

Here is the master list.

Alice Cooper “Brutal Planet”

Alice Cooper “Dragon Town” (Special Edition w/ Bonus CD)

Beautiful Creatures “Deuce”

Black Label Society “1919 * Eternal”

Black Label Society “Sonic Brew”

Black Label Society “Mafia”

Black Label Society “Hangover Music Vol. IV”

Black Label Society “Kings of Damnation” (w/ Bonus Songs)

Black Label Society “Stronger then Death”

Black Label Society “The Blessed Hellride”

Black label Society “Alcohol Fueled Brewtality – Live +5”

Blind Melon “Live at t he Palace”

Celebrity Skin “Good Clean Fun”

Crash Kelly “Electric Satisfaction”

Crowded House “Farewell to the World”

Dangerous Toys “The Ultimate…”

Deadstar Assembly “Unsaved”

Dio “Killing the Dragon”

Dio “Evil or Divine – Live in NYC”

Easy E “Featuring Easy E”

George Lynch “The Lost Anthology”

George Thorogood “Greatest Hits”

Gilby C;arke “Swag”

Gods of Darkness “Compilation” (Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borger, Satryricon, Emperor & more)

Grand Funk Railroad “Greatest Hits”

Killer Dwarfs “Reunion of Scribes – Live 2001”

Kings of Sunset Strip “Vol. 1”  (Angora w/ John Corabi, Jailhouse, Tommi Gunn)

Lita Ford “The Best of…”

Mack 10 “The Best of…”

Monster Magnet “Spine of God”

Monster Magnet “25 Tab”

Nashville Pussy “Get Some”

Night Ranger “Hits – Acoustics & Rarities”

NITRO “Proud to be Loud” (Feat: Jim Gillette & Michael Angelo)

NWA “Straight Outta Compton” 20th Anniversary Edition

NWA “Strength of Street Knowledge” Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition + DVD

Pink Floyd “Echoes, The Best of…”

Queensryche “Q2k”

Queensryche “Take Cover”

Quiet Riot “Guilty Pleasures” (DuBrow, Sarzo, Cavazo, Banali)

Slave to the System “St”

Star Star “The Love Drag Years”

Testament “The Gathering”

Tuff “Religious Fix”

Tuff “Live in the UK”

Tuff “Decade of Disrespect”

Tuff “Fist First”

Tuff “Regurgitation”

Tuff “The History of…”

Tuff “What comes around Goes around”

Twisted Sister “Live at Hammersmith”

Twisted Sister “Club Daze Vol. – 1”

Twisted Sister “Under the blade”

Twisted Sister “Love is for Suckers”

Twisted Sister “Come out and play”

Twisted Sister “You can’t Stop rock n’ roll”

Westside Connection “The Best of…”

WildSide “The Wasted Years”

Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force “War to End all Wars”

Zakk Wylde “Book of Shadows”

Zakk Wylde “Pride & Glory” (2 disc set)

Go HERE now and make a selection from the traditional Union Style Metal Sludge Tee, the Fancy Ass Neon Green Poison Rivet Style or the Barbed Wire Blood Red Motley style. The same deal applies if you buy a Sludge Long Sleeve or Hoodie.

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