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Steve “Sex” Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd speaks!

Steve "Sex" Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd speaks!


Mr. Steve "Sex’ Summers

Update: The band has spoken.

here is our reply:

well sludge folks,since mr asshole summers wanted to be a prick and say shit,we(mikki twist and scotti d)figured we would give our thoughts on what we dont want to deal with if we play with steve again(lol):

must not rely on bandmates to pick up after you and for bandmates wives,girlfriends to iron your cloths.

must not iron fake hair in hotel room or put on your extentions in front of bandmates.

must not always tell bandmates how you were jerked off by a transvesite when

you were working as a phone sex operator in california(and using a fake girls voice as well)

must not be a primadonna cheap ass mutherfucker who thinks the world revolves around them.

basically,the guy was an asshole from the start.he cared only about selling his merch,signing old band members(mr majors)names to pictures in my living room and selling them as real.the dude is a has been and for someone who claims to be a rockstar,he cant sing worth a shit.we have dvd’s of the shows and its horrible.also,in 3 months of playing with him,he only wore his black shorts and socks,and black t shirt(yes, the dude brought 1 pair of cloths to stay here for 2 weeks at a time), he also only took like 4 showers in the 10 days he was here the one time… its all about mr summers.we have seen him without his hat,and the rumors are true.its all fake…he even got pissed at a chick promoter in dayton ohio when we were getting screwed out of our pay and called her a fat cunt and actually pushed her..if ya dont beleive us,call mcguffeys in dayton ohio and ask the security staff about it.we saved his ass from getting arrested and beat up. he is a pussy who has burned every bridge around him.what are we,band members 19 and 20??? the dude slags everyone and we just couldnt deal with it anymore….fuck him…….


oh yea, if you are going to buy "live at the pretty ugly club",dont.its all fake.it was done in a studio with game show applause put in the backround……


…he wants to say shit about our kids?? at least we have kids, you never will dude,because dudes cant get pregnant we are out, like mr summers career……


oh yea-hey creeps, you should here what steve says about you guys…

mikki twist and scotti d

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Metal Twist


We’ve been anxiously awaiting this response. It seems there is trouble in "Leather Boy Land" with the one and only Pretty Boy Floyd dis-banding for the umpteenth time.

The most recent Drummer Scotti Dropout shared his side HERE. 

Now Mr. Summers, also known as Steve "Sex" Summers has given us his opinion, and it seems to touch on a few things. It appears as if though Steve is accepting applications for a new line-up but don’t get ahead of yourself just yet kids. You’ll need to pass a few simple tests and then will be subject to an American Idol like competion to obtain this prestigous position. Well not really, but close enough. Please read on.

In no specific order for all my adoring sludge fans this is a list of things i will not be looking for with my next hired guns that might of been the signs of the problem. 

Must own your own equipment. Must practice on your equipment before shows and tours even if singer isnt there to hold your hands. All screaming kids are banned from backround of conference calls with bandmates,agents,managers etc. Must not still live with parents.If you break a agreed on pbf rule and get fired you cant go on the internet 24/7 and say how you quite.Cannot demand raise if you cannot complete one week of touring without,crying,cancelling shows due to your own personal problems,cant sing or play sluggishly on stage due to long ride or to much fun one day into the tour.Must not be sneaky and have deposit from show sent to yourself that was to be used for founder and singer of band, plane flights.Must own a tootbrush or be willing to use hotels.Must not try to pick up on promoters babe.Do not act like a fool around new invester.Must have at least one some what good reference from just one other national act.And basicly in simple terms dont dream of being in a band when your at home if you cant hang,it isnt for everyone. 

I could go for ever, but sooner then better so el toro has something to do today. Peace out my friends let the hair rumors begin.Oh yeah see you on the road in Dec. 


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