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“Rock of Love” w/ Bret Michaels a full blown sham?

"Rock of Love" w/ Bret Michaels a full blown sham?


Bret back in the day when hair flowed OVER the headband!

It seems that the rumors are flying that the Vh1 reality show "Rock of Love" with Bret Michaels is and was a full blown sham! Really? Is anyone in shock about this?

The link HERE will take you to an article at PR-Inside.com which is reporting the following:

POISON star BRETT MICHAELS’ hit new reality dating show, ROCK OF LOVE, has been exposed as a sham – the girl he picked to date was already in a committed relationship.

The rocker picked Jes Ricklett as his mate in the show’s high-rated finale last month (Sep07), but the pink-and-white haired stylist had no plans of having a real romance with Michaels – she dashed off to be with her boyfriend as soon as taping finished.

And, to make matters worse for Michaels, Ricklett’s real man, Chicago-based designer Joe Quade, has started poking fun at the Poison star on his MySpace.com page.

Ricklett tells the National Enquirer she had no intention of becoming the girlfriend of a faded rock star when she auditioned for the hit show.

She says, "Someone found me and wanted me to audition for the show, so I did.

"To be honest, I wasn’t going on there looking for love. I was kind of like, `Let’s see if I could promote myself.’ That’s pretty much why I did it." But it’s not all bad news for Michaels – the summer show was such a hit on VH1 in America, TV bosses have ordered a second season, during which the Poison star will again be on the look out for love.

Note: When you go to the article above, use the hyperlink for the words "looking for love" and it takes you to a link for Wigs.com and talks about hair extensions. No shit. Kind of a subliminal jab at Mr. Michaels.

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She got paid to make out and maybe more with Bret; that’s prostitution, to a degree. Especially since she herself says it was for self-promotion. That’s fine, but to then act morally superior to Bret is just stupid.

Posted By: lerxstcat

Bret and Poison are lame, balding, never-been-entertaining douchebags and VH1 sucks.

Posted by: Sughuman Yeti

Jes’ boyfriend is a tool.

Posted By: KissAcademy

Just ask Bret’s Canadian common law wife and kids!

Posted By: El Toro

Jes was hot. She sucked his dick. She swallowed his cum in the hot tub. He ate her asshole out clean….Like Brett gives a shit. Lacey blew him every night. He also nailed Heather.

Posted By: BDiddy

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