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Scott Ian of Anthrax back pedals statement on Joey!

Scott Ian of Anthrax back pedals statement on Joey!


Scott Ian & Anthrax still looking for a frontman?

It’s safe to say that if Anthrax has to employ yet another singer, they will start to rival LA Guns. From Belladonna, to Bush, back to Belladonna, to Crane? Robbie Crane? No, but close. One time "hair band" (or close enough to call them such) Ugly Kid Joe frontman Whitfield Crane is one those rumored to fill the void at vocals in Anthrax.

The statement below is from Scott Ian (MySPace link HERE) who once swang so hard on the Metal Sludge nut sack we had to call in Mike "The Sack" Fasano for reinforcement.

For the old skoolers of Sludge past – you will remember Scott Ian winning Sludgevivor, wearing our Swag on Vh1, and writing in and contributing at a stalker like pace. Oh well, thanks for the memories Scott.

"I wanted to post something here regarding an interview that was recently posted on MTV.com. It was an interview with Jon Wiederhorn about the S.O.D. release Rise Of The Infidels (which I’m actually really digging!!!). After the S.O.D. questions we spoke about Anthrax and the situations with Joey Belladonna, John Bush and Corey Taylor.

I need to clear up my comments regarding Joey. Some of the things I said were of an inflammatory nature and at the time I was not in full possession of the facts. From then til now, all the information has been brought to light and it was unprofessional of me to speak without all the facts and for this I apologize. I know how to admit when I am wrong and I retract what I said about Joey. I consider Joey a friend and I never meant to cause him distress in anyway and I hope we can move forward from this as friends.

Cheers, brother."

Now the ever so friendly Sludgeaholics of the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip boards have joined in HERE and HERE with comments like:

Translation–Neither Bush nor Corey will sing for his washed up band, so he needs to kiss Joey’s ass.

Posted by: IggyPopWillEatItself

JOEY will be the singer on the new record…mark my words.

Posted By:

seems lilke there is no fun being a member of Anthrax and it translates very well when looking at the current state of the band.

Posted By: CarStars

Over, Finished, Done, Gone, Out.

Posted By: EatNails

I believe the facts were on the top shelf and Scott Ian could not reach up high enough to be able to hold and read them.

posted By: MrBlueGray

Scott Ian eating his words.

How did that taste Scott? Not very good I’m sure.

Posted By: Machado

sounds like they are trying to suck up to Joey because they cant find anyone and are stuck in a rut

Posted By: Guns_n_Motley

KNAC.COM is also covering this story HERE.

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