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Ratt bassist Robbie Crane goes off on Vic Foxx!

Ratt bassist Robbie Crane goes off on Vic Foxx!


Enuff Z’nuff late 80s with Vicki "Vic" Foxx top right


It seems that the pot has been stirred by a decade old feud between current Ratt bassist Robbie Crane and former Enuff Z’nuff and Vince Neil Band drummer Vicki "Vic" Foxx.

To read why all hell has broke loose, please see the letter below from Robbie.


This is in response to an email that Vik Foxx sent from his Myspace page, and either he or one of his boys posted on the Sludge on Gossip Board. I thought I would set the record straight or at least explain my side. The link is HERE:

Going back through my old VNB files brings back memories. Some good, some bad. Unfortunately here’s some of the bad. Reading through the police report VNB filed on April 9th, 1996 with L.A.P.D. against Victor Christopher Cerney (Vikki Foxx/Vik Foxx) angers me a little. How dare he even attempt to place blame on anyone other then himself. Everyone involved knows the truth. Everyone involved has gone on to long and prosperous careers. Everyone except for Vik. I’m not saying this is the reason for his 10-year hiatus. This is the way the entire VNB family and the people working with us at the time saw it.

Here are the facts with names and dates to corroborate the events that took place from September 1994 – April of 1996.

On Friday April 5, 1996 VNB finished the last show of a 2 ½ month tour that marked the end of Vik Foxx’ tenure with VNB.

On Monday April 8th, 1996 I received a phone call from Robert “Ragman” Long (Vince Neil’s Guitar Tech/ Production Manager) wanting to know if Vince, Brent or I had given permission to Vik or anyone to remove any gear from the Vince Neil locker at Third Encore, North Hollywood (VNB’s storage and rehearsal studio), after explaining to Ragman that none of us had given anyone permission to remove anything from the locker. He informed me that he had just received a phone call from Rob at Third Encore and that Rob was a little alarmed at the items he had helped Vikki Fox/Vik Foxx/Victor Christopher Cerney remove from the VNB locker at Third Encore and load into a Ryder or U-Haul truck the day before (Sunday April 7th 1996). When I talked to Rob that day he said it seemed a little odd to him that Vik would be taking keyboards, amps, racks and guitars from the VNB locker. Rob said when he asked Vik why he was taking other band members equipment he told Rob that he was “borrowing it for some home recording” and that he had got the “OK” from Vince. As you can imagine I freaked out and called Vince and Brent to see if they had given Vik permission to take any gear out of the locker. They both said “NO!” and “Why was I asking”. I told them I would call them right back.

Side Note: See at that point the entire VNB family were on edge when it came to the bands gear. Skylar Neil had just passed and we were in the middle of a long battle with The Basement, a lock out/monthly rehearsal studio we had rented on and off from the end of 1994 through the middle of 1995 to write songs for the Carved In Stone CD and bring Brent Woods (Steve Stevens replacement) up to speed with the live show. Our accountant at the time was trying to cut costs and stopped paying the $600.00 per month rental fee. It would have been nice of him to tell us but at that time with Skylar being sick I don’t think any of us would have heard him. After two months of not being paid and before The Basement could lock us out Brent Woods and I loaded our own cars with a couple of our heads and guitars but were unable to get any of our cabinets or Vik’s drums. Brent and I both called Vik (Brent multiple times) and told him to come down and get his drums out of the lock out before they confiscated it but he refused. Saying “the band moved them in, so the band should move them out”.  I remember thinking… OK?. After repeated attempts by Larry Morand, Rich Bartle, our accountant and our managers to negotiate with the owner of The Basement rehearsal studios the gear that was left in the lock out including Vik’s drums was confiscated for lack of payment. Unfortunately for us the owner wanted the gear, not the money. Everyone in the band had a small amount of gear in that lock out, thankfully we had insurance and filed a police report against The Basement and it’s owner. If Vik would have waited one more month he would have received the insurance money that we all did for the loss/theft of the gear that was stolen by The Basement and it’s owner.

My next call was to Larry Morand (VNB’s tour manager), being that Larry road the bus from our last gig in Springfield, MO to North Hollywood, CA with Vik and Ragman to drop our gear off at Third Encore. The bus arrived in North Hollywood on Sunday morning April 7th, 1996. Vince, Brent and I flew from Springfield to Las Vegas to see Slaughter that Saturday night. I later found out that Vik was pissed that we flew and he road the bus even though he knew we paid for our own tickets. After I brought Larry up to speed and he got over the shock of what was going on he told me that Vik stole/borrowed my VCR out of my bunk(at the time VCR’s were the shit and I had a $500.00 one that could get all of the pay-per-view channels in the hotel rooms for free, I rocked!!). When Larry asked Vik why he was taking my VCR Vik told Larry I said he could “Borrow” it. He sure does like to borrow shit doesn’t he?

At that point I had enough, I called Vik at home. When he answered I told him I knew what was going on and that he should return the gear ASAP. His response was that “Vince owed him, and that he never got what he thought he deserved, and that Vince promised him he would take care of him and didn’t live up to what he promised.” I asked him why he took my stuff and he responded that “he felt that I was responsible for the loss of his drums and I was getting more money then him at that point and he thought it was unfair.” Then he hung up on me. I called him back a couple of times but he wouldn’t answer the phone. Just after I hung up I think the second time Vince called me and was PISSED!! He was going off and wanted to know “what the fuck was going on!!” I assumed that Ragman or Larry had called him and brought him up to speed. Boy he was pissed. He wanted to know everything. I told him I would go to Third Encore to find out what was missing. He wanted to know how we knew it was Vik. I told him what everyone had told me up to that point and  that I talked to Vik and that Vik admitted to me that he had our gear and had no intention of returning it. I also told him that I was trying to get him to return the gear. I told Vince that if he could be quiet I would try to call Vik 3 way with Vince listening in on the call, but not to say anything to scare Vik away, he agreed. So I called Vik 3 way with Vince listening in and this time Vik answers with a “What”. I said “Vik please think about what you are doing.” I told him “I didn’t care about my gear just my VCR” and that Vince would go after him legally and that he should return Vince’s stuff before Vince found out.” He then said, “He didn’t care what Vince thought, that Vince was going back to Motley and that he wanted what was coming to him.” Vik then with a smartass attitude admitted that he “borrowed/took the gear” and went through a list of what he took. Half way through his “confession” Vince went off on him and Vik hung up the phone and that was it. Vince told me to “Get my ass over to the locker ASAP and find out what he took!!”

Later that day we met with the police at Third Encore and filed a report. The police went to Vik’s apartment but he didn’t have any of the gear there. We later found out he stored it in his mother in laws garage. At that point it became a civil matter and the police couldn’t help us anymore.

In the years to come I had talks with Chip Z’ Nuff and he told me that Vik did the same thing to them. When he left Enuff Z’ Nuff to join VNB in 1992 he stole the bands Akai 12 track, some guitars, amps and an EV mic from MTV. Boy Chip was pissed when I told him I saw all of that stuff in Vik’s room when we use to live together in Woodland Hills (1992-1993). That was Chips MTV mic.

Vik if you “borrowed” our stuff, can we have it back now? It’s been 11 years. Vince, Brent and I think you’ve “borrowed” it for long enough.

I challenge Vik to man up. It is what it is. Stop trying to place blame on other people. I have the truth on my side and all of the witnesses. I came up to you in New Hampshire this summer and told you I forgave you and to put it in the past. Is this what you meant by you forgive me too?

If I’m talking shit I challenge you to test me and the truth in court. I have the truth on my side and the evidence. You just have your view.

Put it to bed and move on.

Robbie Crane

Thanks for your letter Mr. Crane, but next time – please don’t hold back and let it all out. Of course we’ll await any response from Mr. Foxx if he’d like to contribute.

HERE is the Enuff Z’nuff video for "New Thing" and the original line-up again live HERE in Chicago 1993 both clips with Vicki "Vic" Foxx on drums.


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